Zinedine Zidane confirms clear-the-air talks with Real Madrid squad

ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe believes Real Madrid’s inability to grasp formula in La Liga is holding a mental fee on a players.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has reliable a clear-the-air assembly took place after training on Tuesday though denied that a European champions are in predicament or that vital changes were needed.

With his side 16 points behind exile La Liga leaders Barcelona, Zidane is now confronting a initial genuine critique of his two-year reign, with internal media also stating that there are disagreements with bar boss Florentino Perez over a need to strengthen a patrol this month.

Tuesday’s news discussion during Valdebebas, to preview Wednesday’s Copa del Rey round-of-16 second leg during home to Numancia, was behind by over 90 mins while Zidane and his players talked about a team’s situation.

Zidane afterwards faced a media in daring mood, refusing to give sum of what had been said, though progressing that a answer to a team’s stream problems was to hang together and work even harder.

“I am not going to contend what we talked about,” Zidane said. “These are talks that can occur in a team.

“You can analyse it as we like, contend it is a ‘crisis moment,’ though we are here to demeanour for solutions, to talk, and try to do things better. The plead was a bit longer than others, though this happens when we consider it necessary, to get something out of it. When things are not going as we want, a answer is tough work.

“That is what we trust in, and a players consider a same. We will work harder than ever now, in all senses. It is not about earthy or mental, it is a bit of everything, and stability stronger. There is zero else to do though that.”

Zinedine Zidane has been austere that Real Madrid do not need signings to spin their deteriorate around.

Some internal pundits have called for a freshening adult of a group that won 7 trophies in 2017, including a La Liga and Champions League double, though has looked mentally and physically tired by new months.

However, Zidane — who has pronounced he is “not afraid” of a stream hurdles — deserted a thought he should dump long-time regulars including Toni Kroos, Marcelo and even a club’s record idea scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

“When things go wrong, we am not someone to chuck dual or 3 players into a s—,” he said. “We are all in a same boat, all responsible, and initial of all me as coach. we trust in my squad. we will not change for dual or 3 bad results.

“When things get a bit ugly, it is when we need some-more from everyone, as we do during a moment. We had dual fantastic years and people should not forget that. we know a subsequent diversion is a many important. We will not live in a past, though will not chuck divided what has been finished either.”

Zidane again insisted he did not wish any “quick-fixes” in a Jan send window, and that any changes to be done — including with a manager — should be deliberate during a finish of a season.

“To be really transparent we do not wish any [new players],” he said. “We began a deteriorate with a patrol [and] we trust in these players. We still have all in front of us. We will see what happens during a finish of a season. Things can be analysed then, and if a change is needed, afterwards it will happen.

“I trust in what we are doing, and my players. we will not chuck in a towel due to some bad months. What annoys me some-more is what we [media] contend that we will go to a president. People who contend that do not know me. Real Madrid is above me, above everybody. People competence consider we am not a right person, maybe so, though we trust in what we do. we will keep doing it until we am out, zero more. “

There was small time to plead Wednesday’s game, in that Zidane is expected to again rest many of his comparison players including Ronaldo given their 3-0 advantage from a initial leg. Sergio Ramos (calf) and Karim Benzema (hamstring) sojourn sidelined by injury.

Luka Modric was not during training Tuesday morning, with El Mundo stating he was settling a problem with a internal taxation authority.

Dermot Corrigan is a Madrid-based football author who covers La Liga and a Spain inhabitant group for ESPN FC. Follow him on Twitter @dermotmcorrigan

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