You don’t have to demeanour tough to find Spurs fans

One of a many good things about being a Spurs fan in general, and essay for Pounding a Rock in particular, is using into Spurs fans in lost lands. While we am formed in Los Angeles, my posts here during PTR and my travels have led to some fascinating encounters.

One of my favorites occurred in a comments territory to one of my initial pieces, entitled “Coaching Youth Basketball”. One of a comments was from constant reader Kho.a.thong from Malaysia. Kho pronounced he was going to interpret MY square into Chinese to share with his internal team. Kho’s criticism led to nickthebrick from Bulgaria to contend that he was going to interpret a square into Bulgarian. Quite an honor.

In a successive post, we wrote about using into a revolutionary Spurs fan who worked during an airfield in Australia. He grew adult a Spurs fan interjection to a David Robinson jersey he perceived as a child, and that eventually led him to make an annual event from a Gold Coast of Australia to a Spurs home diversion — each year given he was aged adequate to transport on his own.

When we was in Cancun for super-son Pablo’s marriage to a extraordinary Katie, we walked past a fan sporting a Duncan 21 jersey nearby a swimming pool. This of march led to an sell of “Go Spurs” greetings and follow-up conversation. Faux Duncan was anxious to learn that he got to accommodate an tangible PtR author — “Hey everybody, this man writes for Pounding a Rock!!” Yes, we was a teenager luminary for a impulse subsequent to a pool in Mexico.

There have been disappointments too. After a outing to Vancouver, Canada, we wrote a square about a fact that only as a NBA had deserted Vancouver, so had Vancouver deserted a NBA. Over a 4 days we spent there, we did not see a singular NBA jersey. Not a singular James, Curry or Kobe jersey. Not even a Steve Nash jersey, who grew adult in British Columbia before starting his Hall of Fame NBA career.

You might consternation what led to this outing down memory lane. The answer is a solidified TV shade during my home here in LA.

Last night while examination a Dodgers-Rockies diversion (spoiler alert, Dodgers won 4 -2), my TV shade froze, that led to a call to a wire company. Whenever we am on a line with a wire guy, during a time while we both both wait for a solidified shade to thaw, we ask where he is located. Last night, my savior Gabriel told me was in . . . San Antonio. Gabriel is (of course) a Spurs fan. We were means to bond and suffer a bit together over Manu’s retirement. However, Gabriel was not wakeful of Pounding a Rock — though he is now.

J.R. — Make certain to send along my reward remuneration for recruiting us a new PtR reader. Welcome Gabriel! And interjection for thawing out my TV screen.

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