You did this America: Pro Bowl Draft beats NHL edition

We during Awful Announcing are always vacant during a Pro Bowl viewership each year. The muster diversion that has no temperament on a unchanging or postseason seems to have a constant 10 million viewers examination that seems to be 10 million too many. But a NFL seems to be committed to personification a diversion and carrying one of a TV partners airing it each year. In a stream TV contact, ESPN has a set-back has a honors of televising a Pro Bowl each year and it also means carrying some shoulder programming as well.

Last Wednesday, Jan 27, ESPN2 aired what was called “The Pro Bowl Draft Show” where a players who were possibly voted in or named as replacements to those voted in though not participating (i.e. Tom Brady who hasn’t played given 1952) were comparison by “captains” Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin. This was a uncover that somehow filled a two-hour hole (7:30-9:30 p.m. ET).

Other inhabitant sports programs airing on inhabitant wire final Wednesday, were an NBA doubleheader on a ESPN Mothership, a Australian Open women’s semifinals, an NHL doubleheader on NBCSN and college basketball on ESPNU. It was utterly a different lineup for a late Jan day.

According to Sports TV Ratings, “The Pro Bowl Draft Show” garnered a viewership of 557,000 that placed eleventh of all sports programs. It was behind a NBA doubleheader on ESPN (Dallas-Golden State and Houston-San Antonio) that placed 1-2, Pardon a Interruption, a late night SportsCenter, a Australian Open women’s semis, Around a Horn, NBA Countdown, dual some-more editions of SportsCenter and Highly Questionable.

Finishing next a Pro Bowl Draft was NBCSN’s NHL Wednesday Night Rivalry diversion of Philadelphia-Washington with 543,000 viewers, NFL Live, First Take (?????) and 5 some-more editions of SportsCenter.

Now a NHL can contend it finished right behind a Pro Draft (557K-543K), though to be beaten out by what was in hint a televised anticipation breeze is a bit sad. We know some of we will snark in a comments (“Is a NHL still playing,” “I didn’t know a NHL was a sport,” “Who cares?”), though this tells us a few things:

  • The NFL no matter if it’s an synthetic eventuality like a Pro Bowl Draft will somehow get ratings]
  • The NHL still has a ways to go to benefit respect
  • ESPN is peaceful to atmosphere anything conflicting a NHL meaningful it will kick a NHL; and
  • Despite what America says publicly about a Pro Bowl, people will watch

So as we lay here on Pro Bowl Sunday removing prepared for a large muster diversion to be-played in Honolulu, we during Awful Announcing will wait for this year’s viewership and be no longer astounded during a numbers it draws annually. Remember, we did this, America. It’s something of that that we should be not proud.

[Sports TV Ratings]

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