YES Relived 11: Battleground 2013 Daniel Bryan v Randy Orton + Hard Times For The Rhodes Family

G’day Lords of Pain, acquire behind to YES Relived, a weekly array where we go behind to relive one of pro wrestling’s biggest ever stories, a arise of Daniel Bryan and The Yes Movement. Starting during Summer Slam 2013 and going by to Wrestlemania 30 we will be rewatching, reviewing and analysing Daniel Bryan’s story on a week by week basis.

This week we strech a fourth pretension compare of a series, as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton quarrel over a vacated WWE Championship. The tile was nude after Triple H indicted Bryan of conspiring with arbitrate Scott Armstrong to broach a quick count during Night of Champions. Over a past few weeks Orton has claimed to have regained a glow that saw him scythe by a WWE register years ago and Daniel Bryan has led a rebellion of 10 other stars conflicting The Authority. Tonight nonetheless it is time to put adult or close adult for both group as they conflict for a championship one on one during Battleground.

As a tiny reward too we will be doing my initial Sideplot Sidebar of a array and summation a implausible Rhodes Family story that saw Cody Rhodes remove his pursuit and his hermit and father beaten down in a month heading adult to Battleground. Folks we do not wish to skip this one so tab in as we go behind to Battleground 2013 for YES Relived

The lead adult to tonight’s compare between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton has been a prolonged and circuitous road. In many ways these dual are roughly ideal opponents for this existence fueled argument that is formed on a order between a WWE and a audience. They paint frigid opposites of what a WWE wrestler should demeanour like: a plans for a normal WWE wrestlers that Vince McMahon has always drooled over conflicting a tough operative indy heavenly that for so prolonged a WWE shunned and labeled as too tiny and not commercial enough.

While Bryan is a self done man, who scratched and clawed his approach to inflection in a post Monday Night Wars furious west of indy wrestling, there could be no some-more pristine instance of a WWE appurtenance than Randy Orton. The son of a Hall of Famer who was himself innate into a business, good over 6 feet and muscular, Randy Orton was always going to be a star in a WWE system. As JBL says, if we were going to emanate a WWE luminary from blemish they would demeanour like Randy Orton.

Taking this healthy contrariety in history, celebrity and display and fixation it in front of a throng unfortunate to see change during a tip of a WWE label poured gasoline on Daniel Bryan’s already burgeoning popularity. The countinuouise hoops The Authority done Bryan burst by usually serve played into a feeling in a wrestling village of backstage double standards where group like Bryan’s tiny mistakes were met with large consequences, while Orton’s ilk had their transgressions swept underneath a carpet.

Coming into Battleground this meant all categorical eventuality crowds were one-sided, left were a splits of a Cena epoch or a negativity of a stream generation, in a place stood a zodiacally dear favourite conflicting a zodiacally disliked corporation.

The final communication before tonight’s compare saw Bryan once again get a best of his some-more fanciful opponent. It has been transparent that while Bryan has had to understanding with The Authority’s underhanded tactics, when he step in a ring with Orton, Bryan is some-more than equal to a plea nonetheless can he put it together tonight during Battleground?

Daniel Bryan v Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)

As with many of his matches Bryan starts off removing a infancy of a offence, subsidy Orton adult into a dilemma and peppering him with kicks and strikes before a span trade headlocks in classical Orton manner. Unfortunately for Orton nonetheless Bryan is a master conflicting wrestler and he fast escapes a headlock, branch it into a mutated Figure Four that allows him to viewpoint adult and get in some nasty belligerent and pound.

As we will see via this match, even nonetheless he might be smaller, Daniel Bryan is no underdo, some-more like a devoted pitbull that constantly gives as good as he gets. However a second account of a match, Orton’s improvisational ability to understanding out pain, starts to exhibit itself as Orton crotches Bryan on a ropes and hits a disposed Bryan with a clothesline, knocking him awkwardly onto his conduct as he comes off a ropes.

As Orton goes on a corruption all a classics are there, a clothesline, a stomps, a powerslam and of course, a almighty chinlock. Bryan has scouted Orton too good by now nonetheless and is means to stay one step brazen and finds a approach behind on a front foot. Even when it looks like Orton has hold him out, tossing Bryan over a ropes as he charges off them, Bryan turns things behind around, holding onto a tip rope, throwing Orton in a headscissors and throwing him to a outward before following by with a self-murder dive.

Daniel Bryan Randy Orton

The throng is starting to work their approach into this compare as Bryan doles out punishment on a outward nonetheless unfortunately Bryan’s convene is brief lived. As a span pierce behind into a ring Orton catches Bryan in a powerbomb as Bryan dives off a tip turnbuckle.

At this indicate a compare takes a spin for a worse, all a steam and movement that has been building adult is gradually sucked out of a compare as Orton clamps on a many ungainly looking Boston Crab we have seen. You can tell he has not put one on anyone for a while, station true adult a wide, true legged position and not disposition into it or tightening it adult during all. Embarrassing looking things from a male that has been wrestling over 10 years during this point.

After Bryan mercifully breaks a hold, things pierce to a outward and Orton looks like he is relocating by molasses as he tosses Bryan into a post and steps. Michael Cole can’t stop purgation about how infamous Orton is nonetheless all we can consider of is Donald Trump’s ‘low energy’ line.

In a lead adult to this compare Bryan betrothed that his credentials meant he could puncture deeper than Orton who had been ladle fed success his whole life. That guarantee starts to spin a existence as Bryan continues to catch all of Orton’s corruption and it usually serves to glow him adult more. As a compare moves behind into a ring a span trade uppercuts and in a revelation moment, Bryan starts to get a top palm in one of his opponents signature spots. This gets a throng behind with a large “DANIEL BRYAN” chant.

Unfortunately Bryan gets a tiny too enthusiastic and ends adult eating a outrageous suplex to a outward after Orton rolls underneath a ropes and Bryan tries to pull brazen his advantage.

Randy Orton Daniel Bryan Suplex

Even after that nasty suplex it is transparent that Daniel Bryan has a collection and heart to understanding with Orton, feat should be on a way. On a outside, Bryan fast escapes Orton, tossing him into a stairs and holding him behind to a ring for some-more punishment. Bryan’s poise is serve shown when he manages to spin a misjudged crossbody into a drifting clothesline in midair and is means to simply shrug off a feared RKO in a illusory array of counters that ends with Bryan throwing Orton in a Yes Lock in a core of a ring:

Daniel Bryan Randy Orton

The throng is going mental since there is positively no shun for Orton this time, transparent feat is in Bryan’s grasp.

“WEEEELLLLLL it’s a Big Show”

In an act of comprehensive account idiocy, The Big Show waddles his approach a ring and pulls a ref out as Orton is about to tap. On a final part of Smackdown heading adult to this PPV Show Bryan literally saved a Big Show from carrying his neck damaged by Orton nonetheless we theory he is behind to doing The Authority’s bidding?

Bryan is looking as confused as we am while a Big Show has his best ‘woe is me’ puppy dog eyes nonetheless afterwards he KO Punches Bryan and procedees to demeanour even some-more forlorn. If ever there was a male who indispensable some Jodan Perterson burden lessons it is Big Show. You can’t demeanour unhappy about a idiocy that is going on YOU ARE THE ONE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF.

The compare is still going nonetheless and Raw GM Brad Maddox comes out to call in Scott Armstrong, a ref who screwed Bryan final PPV. When Orton goes to make a cover on Bryan, Big Show Pulls Armstrong out of a ring and knocks him out too.

I’m starting to consternation if Vince Russo is going to a a subsequent male by a screen nonetheless mercifully Big Show gets in a ring instead. Show confronts Orton who hits him with a classical primary propagandize line, “do we know how many difficulty you’re gona be in when we tell a clergyman on you?” Well maybe not utterly that nonetheless some-more or less.

Show afterwards gives Orton a aged KO punch usually for good magnitude and looks around wondering what a ruin happened. Brad Maddox sums it adult for all of us as a Big Shows song hits to finish a PPV and for some reason climbs a turnbuckle to salute a crowd, we meant come on dude.

Bad Maddox shocked

No Result Announced
Rating: 2 YES’s out of 5

Well there we go, that gets my ‘bland and not memorable’ rating, that is unhappy since off a behind of Bryan’s work it unequivocally had some high points.

However even holding out a comprehensive meaningless finale we have some genuine problems with Randy Orton’s performance. Heading into this compare he was meant to have ‘rediscovered his infamous streak’ nonetheless during no indicate in a compare was there a clarity of Orton behaving differently. This could be any other compare he has wrestled in a final 10 years, there was no clarity of urgency, no new moves, zero creates this opening singular for him. No matter how many Michael Cole gushed about how many Orton had changed, zero done his opening conflicting from final month’s PPV.

Well during slightest he isn’t champion….. yet.

Subplot Sidebar – Hard Times For The Rhodes Family

Onto some-more fun things nonetheless and we wanted to deliver a new section, a Subplot Sidebar where we will find to prominence some of a unequivocally good feuds that were also holding place during a Yes Movement. It won’t be any week nonetheless there is adequate going on that we will have a few of these by a finish of Wrestlemania 30.

As we have pronounced in prior columns The Authority’s participation in a WWE supposing a good basement for stories adult and down a card, as a good guys fought conflicting their authoritarian order and a bad guys attempted to one adult any other to benefit favour. It combined a series of illusory stories conflicting a register and in a early days of The Authority’s energy there were really few midcard stories as prohibited and sparkling as a story of a tough time of a Rhodes family heading into Battleground.

Things kicked off when Cody Rhodes became one of a initial superstars to pronounce adult conflicting Triple H and Randy Orton. Rhodes is a male who knows Orton all too well, carrying battled by his side in Legacy and fought conflicting him as a fast imploded. After he questioned because Orton was perplexing to get out of his compare with Bryan and lifted an eyebrow during a consistent division Daniel Bryan was confronting during a hands of The Authority, he found himself in a crosshairs of Triple H. The COO of a WWE motionless to make an instance of Rhodes, display a rest of a register accurately what happens to those that pronounce up, putting him in a compare with Orton with his pursuit on a line. A compare he lost.

Hard times were not over for a Rhodes family though, as The Authority stepped adult their oppression, giving Cody’s hermit Goldust a tainted possibility to win behind Cody’s pursuit in another compare conflicting Orton. Finally, usually to massage things in, Stephanie McMahon bought a primogenitor of a family Dusty into a ring on Raw and gave him a choice of extenuation usually one of his sons a pursuit on a WWE. When he refused to collect between them, she took pleasure in environment The Shield on a seventy year aged and forcing The Big Show to hit him out, promulgation him to hospital.

There is one thing that tyrants never know though. To them energy is a diversion and fear a ultimate tool. Because they are eventually cowards during heart, people who would crawl down before apprehension if it was ever wielded during them, they can never fathom someone indeed station adult once they have been corroborated into a corner. However in The Rhodes, The Authority wasn’t traffic with a family of cowards, they were putting tough times on a family that was steeped in a bequest of station adult to those that would reason energy over a heads of normal group and women. Fighting behind conflicting people who attempted to put tough times on them.

Indeed a Rhodes boys started a quarrel back, jumping a separator during Raw and assaulting Triple H’s personal confidence team, The Shield while they were on their approach to a ring. This lightning strike set a tinge for a quarrel to come; even nonetheless a brothers were potentially outgunned a glow in their bellies would expostulate them to go above and over for any other.

The Shield Cody Rhodes Goldust

Eventually The Authority would be forced to respond to these riotous tactics, mouth-watering a whole family onto Raw, meditative another proof of their energy would see this family submit. It had a accurate conflicting effect. As a seventy year aged Dusty Rhodes squared adult to Triple H, putting his possess pursuit on a line to give his boys a shot during winning their jobs behind conflicting The Shield, a same glow that burnt in his famous 80s promo flared adult in not usually him nonetheless a boys that gimlet his blood.

To see how prohibited that glow burnt we usually need to see a talk between a 3 family members right before their Battleground match. In his best promo work in a WWE, Cody channeled his Father’s famous digression from years ago with some difference of his own:

There is no stretch too far, there is no length we will not go to strengthen this family’s future. And yeah, we are not a ideal family tonight we quarrel for a lives, we quarrel for a family.

As with all good wrestling stories, this climaxed in a compare that infused a in ring movement with a story that was being told. As The Authority’s member ,The Shield, loomed adult in black there was no behind peddling from possibly member of a Rhodes family. All 3 modernized towards this meaningful black participation that threatened their tough warranted unity. Despite being outmatched and not as laconic as a team, a brothers glow and adore for one another is what hold them together and authorised Cody to get a pin on Seth Rollins, handing Rollins and Reigns one of their initial tab group losses, securing all 3 of a family’s jobs and floating a roof off of a building in a process.

Dusty Rhodes Cody Rhodes Goldust The Shield

Later on a Rhodes brothers would go on to kick The Shield for a tab group titles nonetheless this night was, as a 3 group stood in a core of a ring, father, sons and brothers, arm in arm, with tears in their eyes it was a ideal perfection of their story. A story of tyrants unjustly pulling tough times on a family that would combine together, and by their adore for one another, would arise to a plea and eventually come out stronger than ever before.

Thanks for checking out YES Relived, I’ll be behind subsequent Saturday with a subsequent chapter. if we would like to keep a review going we can strech me on Twitter @Sir_Samuel, let me know in a comments or have your contend on a LOP Forums. It is a good place for in abyss contention and we will find an intelligent and intent community.

A good place to start is a mainstay called Dusty Down From Heaven a partnership by dual of a Columns Forum’s many artistic writers Benjamin Button and horde of The Legacy Series on LOP Radio, Mystic. They take a artistic demeanour during what Dusty Rhodes might be meditative adult above, of his son’s pierce divided from a WWE.


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