WWE SummerSlam 2017 Results: Biggest Missed Opportunities with Show’s Booking

Credit: WWE.com

SummerSlam 2017 was a night of highs and lows filled with pretension changes and prolonged in-ring battles. It was not a ideal show, though it was positively an sparkling one, and it didn’t even feel too extensive notwithstanding a six-hour duration.

Still, there were many decisions along a approach that felt wrong, holding divided from a performances of a talent. From WWE going title-change crazy to a choices to make mixed wrestlers demeanour like jokes, a engagement could positively have been better.

In fact, there were several engagement decisions that were usually design misses and that could have been softened with elementary changes in direction.

These are a 4 many gross missed engagement opportunities during SummerSlam, all of that kept a Biggest Party of a Summer from being as good as it could have been.


Not Putting The New Day vs. The Usos on a Main Card

This should have been apparent from a impulse these tab teams stole a uncover during WWE Battleground. The New Day and The Usos have located their chemistry so keenly that they can't have anything reduction than an glorious match. Once more, they stole a uncover with a hitch that outshone all though a categorical eventuality of a SummerSlam categorical card.

The Kickoff matches are ostensible to be a slightest built on a label precisely since a locus will not be during full ability by a time a wrestlers are competing. It’s a contrition that SmackDown’s tip tab teams put on a philharmonic in front of an deficient crowd.


Giving a SmackDown Live Women’s Championship to a Wrong Wrestler

Natalya is a plain wrestler who has some-more than paid her dues, though SummerSlam was not a right impulse to put a SmackDown Women’s Championship on her. Most of a reactions to a impulse came off as confusion; Natalya has finished really small in a past half year over a feat final month during Battleground that won her this opportunity.

If there were skeleton to pierce a championship during SummerSlam, one lady was ideally positioned for a moment: Carmella. Carmella has been a core of controversy, adding some-more courtesy to a SmackDown women’s multiplication than ever before, and she was clearly a throng favorite in Brooklyn, not too distant from her Staten Island home.

While Naomi could also have finished good maintaining a championship, usually Carmella done clarity to unseat her. It would have been a ideal sourroundings for Carmella, who instead was usually quickly shown examination a compare backstage.


Failing to Get Enzo His Heat Back

It is apropos some-more and some-more transparent that Enzo Amore is not well-liked in WWE. His engagement has killed his recognition step by step, with his coming during SummerSlam his misfortune to date. He talked too prolonged before a compare and afterwards prattled on from a shark enclosure as Big Show and Big Cass did their best in a ring.

Finally, he transient a shark enclosure usually to burst down and take an evident large boot. This could have been a impulse that Enzo got some feverishness behind on Cass, jumping down onto him after a compare and holding out Cass.

It would have combined a clever exclamation symbol to a diseased compare and been a approach for Enzo to get some atonement though going over Cass in a ring, avoiding a ungainly travel quarrel we got a subsequent night. Instead, his whole coming during SummerSlam was a waste.


Credit: WWE.com

Once More Not Allowing Rusev to Wrestle during SummerSlam

Last year, one of a biggest matches going into SummerSlam was a WWE United States Championship compare between Rusev and Roman Reigns. A fight pennyless out before a contest, and a hitch was cancelled. This year, Rusev technically started his match, though he ran right into an RKO a impulse a bell rang.

There have usually been a few matches in SummerSlam’s story that were shorter than a 10-second hitch Randy Orton had with Rusev, including a really identical finish in 2009 when Christian degraded William Regal for a ECW Championship. This form of warn remarkable finish has never been good for anyone.

Rusev vs. Orton could have been a peculiarity back-and-forth competition between dual of a softened performers in WWE. Instead, it seemed there was no reason a dual should ever have been requisitioned on a card. For dual pay-per-views in a quarrel Rusev has walked into a compare with a tip man in WWE and afterwards been squashed, murdering his try to build himself behind adult as a tip hazard on SmackDown.

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