WWE: Rusev, Lana React to Being Removed From Casket Match

Rusev Day each possibility that we can, afterwards a announcement-then-reversal of his Casket Match contra Undertaker during a Greatest Royal Rumble was expected a check on your Bulgarian Ballyhoo.

The doubt now moves to: was his dismissal nonetheless another blurring of a lines between association seductiveness and self preservation?

It has been an persisting conjecture that Rusev has been unfortunate with his purpose with a company. The rumbles have turn some-more of a bark in new months, commencement during Summer Slam 2017.

At that indicate Rusev had not won a pay-per-view eventuality given 2016 Battleground. He entered a compare with Randy Orton, though was squashed in reduction than one minute, fueling speculation that he was on his approach out. His subsequent turn of apparent antics was before to a recently finished WrestleMania where he was reported to have threatened to quit before his further to a four-way compare with Jinder, Randy Orton, and Bobby Roode — that he was added to and mislaid in.

After John Cena mislaid in a ridiculous squash to Taker during WrestleMania, is there some-more to Rusev not wanting to be forced into another pay-per-view detriment during a hands of a clearly cleared adult Deadman?

According to his wife, yes.

Lana Rusev Casket Match

Lana posted to Twitter, “All over a world, small boys and girls are celebrating #RusevDay, they grin for a biggest Superstar ever ! I’ve already spoke with @WWE officials to change that compare given we REFUSE to let my father @RusevBUL contest in a Casket Match during #WWEGRR! Happy #RusevDay”

Her open posting of a “refusal” corroborated a association into a corner, one where it has to change either one mid-card performer — who has turn one of a many over-with-fans on a register — to reason a label warrant given of a self-made push.

The WWE responded quickly, if sneakily, by stealing Rusev Day chants from a SmackDown YouTube channel. It also filled a cavity in a compare with someone most some-more peaceful to take a tumble to a over-the-hill Undertaker: Chris Jericho.

Rusev has also, despite some-more subtly, responded on amicable media.

He posted on Twitter, “Life is life… it will be #RusevDay somewhere.”

The Bulgarian Brute was reduction considerate in an shave from TMZ, where he pronounced he would finish a already finished career of Taker.

“He is a fable in a WWE. But so am I, it’s Rusev Day,” he told a interviewer. “Undertaker is kind of a small bit in a past. I’ll kick him so bad it might be his final fight.”


If a WWE had skeleton to have a Brute take nonetheless another detriment — and be done to demeanour unequivocally diseased being rolled into a box by a performer who can hardly make it down a opening ramp — it would usually be unchanging with past patterns of function that he and Lana have exhibited.

As for Jericho, a compare opposite Undertaker will symbol his initial with a association given a Jul 25, 2017 part of SmackDown Live where he mislaid a triple hazard United States Championship compare to Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.