WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar’s Next Opponent Could Be His Polar Opposite in Terms of Ring Work

Wikimedia Commons/Megan Elice MeadowsBrock Lesnar entering a locus with disciple Paul Heyman in 2014.

Brock Lesnar is still a reigning WWE Universal Champion, and during this point, a time of his subsequent pretension invulnerability stays unclear.

Even his subsequent challenger has remained different adult to this point, yet some new rumblings are hinting that a WWE could have been operative toward something that doesn’t engage Roman Reigns for Lesnar’s subsequent match.

According to PWInsider via Cageside Seats, a male who could step adult to plea Lesnar subsequent might be nothing other than “The Architect” Seth Rollins.

Should a higher-ups during a WWE confirm to have Rollins plea Lesnar for a pretension next, there will be an engaging energetic during play between a dual wrestlers.

Whereas Lesnar has famously been blank from WWE radio for most of a final year, display adult irregularly usually for large pay-per-views and promo packages, Rollins has been a series one workhorse for a company.

Lesnar has singular himself usually to a few pretension defenses, and he hasn’t even shown adult on all a RAW PPVs. On a other hand, Rollins has left from one argument to a subsequent over a past year, and he even wrestled for over a full hour on an part of Monday Night RAW behind in February.

That inconsistency between a dual will make it easier for WWE’s artistic group to come adult with a constrained storyline.

On one side, they could unequivocally concentration on Rollins’ emancipation and how he has left from a reviled heel champion who hid behind a Authority to someone who now takes on all challengers and does so with zeal and excitement. Lesnar could afterwards be portrayed as this marred champion who usually fights when it’s available for him and as someone who could not caring reduction about a boos he’s removing from a crowd.

What creates a intensity Lesnar-Rollins compare for a Universal Championship even some-more intriguing is that a dual wrestlers have a story with one another.

Rollins was a male who put an finish to Lesnar’s extensive pretension run during WrestleMania 31, and a dual of them even headlined a 2015 book of WWE Battleground.┬áDuring that feud, Lesnar was a one being portrayed as a male who was screwed out of a championship while Rollins was being shown as this man who would do anything to only shun with a pretension still around his waist.

That 2015 compare was not scrupulously finished as The Undertaker’s warn lapse put a remarkable finish to a proceedings, though now, Lesnar and Rollins could rekindle their argument but worrying about outmost army removing involved.

As for when this compare could happen, Lesnar is widely approaching not to make an coming during subsequent month’s Money in a Bank event, and he’s also now approaching to skip Extreme Rules in July. That leaves SummerSlam as a subsequent probable entertainment belligerent for a rumored Lesnar-Rollins pretension match.

Saving a Lesnar-Rollins pretension compare for SummerSlam would assistance get some-more fans unequivocally invested in a hitch and it would be a wise categorical eventuality for one of a WWE’s biggest yearly spectacles.

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