WWE Responds to Former NSYNC Member Who Loves Booty-Os, Zack Ryder Unboxes Himself (Video)

Zack Ryder Unboxes Himself

In a video above, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder unboxes a new Elite 58 and Elite 59 line of movement total that indeed includes his “Macho Man” desirous opening rigging from WWE Battleground 2016. While Elite 59 isn’t set to boat out until early this summer, we can sequence a Elite 58 collection and some-more right now by a friends during RingsideCollectibles.com.

NSYNC Star Loves Booty-Os

Holy 2001, Batman… Former NSYNC member Lance Bass aleady set Wrestling Twitter off this morning for announcing that his favorite cereal was nothing other than New Day’s Booty-Os, though now WWE.com has indeed picked adult on a story. Looks like Xavier Woods got to have his possess small mark-out moment, nonetheless it’s positively a small concerning that ANYONE would cruise Lance Bass a improved child rope idol than Justin Timberlake…

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