WWE Raw Results – Mar 5, 2018

Kurt Angle is in a behind and he is on his phone when Elias plays into a area.  Elias says he know that Kurt has had a bustling night.  Elias suggests that they cancel a Symphony of Destruction Match given song should pierce people together.

Kurt says he will cruise it and he has deliberate that a compare is still on.

Elias tells Kurt that what happens to Braun is on him.

Kurt says that a compare is going to be Falls Count Anywhere.

Bayley walks in a behind as we go to commercial.

We are behind and it is time to see a underline on a newest inductee into a WWE Hall of Fame, Hillbilly Jim.

We see what happened final week when Bayley refused to take a tab from Sasha during final week’s 6 lady tab match.

Bayley is asked about what happened final week and either it was promulgation a summary or finale a friendship.  Bayley says a Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber were each lady for themselves.

Before Bayley can contend any more, she is interrupted by Paige’s song and she is assimilated by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

Paige congratulates Bayley for finally flourishing a backbone.  She says that Bayley is a large lady now.  She says that Bayley pushed divided a usually chairman who cares about you.  There is strength in numbers and it will widen your career if we have someone with you.

Match Number Four:  Bayley contra Mandy Rose

They close adult and Bayley with a waist lock.  Mandy with an bend and a singular leg take down.  Bayley kicks Mandy divided and Mandy with a cartwheel and dump kick.  Bayley with a wrist close and she works on a arm.  Bayley with an arm bar.  Mandy catches Bayley on a jump frog try and Mandy runs Bayley into a turnbuckles.  Mandy with a impact and she gets a nearby fall.  Bayley runs Mandy into a dilemma and connects with shoulders.  Bayley with a using bend into a corner.  Mandy goes to a building and we go to commercial.

We are behind and Mandy with a retreat chin lock.  We see footage from a blurb mangle when Mandy strike a mortar into a center rope.  Mandy with kicks and a behind loyal suplex try yet Bayley lands on her feet.  Mandy with a punch for a nearby fall.  Bayley with forearms and a behind slip for a nearby fall.  Bayley with an inside cradle for a nearby fall.  Mandy with a jumping knee for a nearby fall.

Mandy with punches to Bayley and she gets another nearby fall.  Mandy tries for another mortar into a ropes yet Bayley kicks Mandy away.  Bayley sends Mandy to a apron and hits a knife in a ropes.  Bayley with using double sledges and a cranky physique followed by punches.  Bayley sends Mandy into a turnbuckles and hits a Saito suplex.  Bayley goes to a turnbuckles yet Sonya gets on a apron to try to confuse her.  Bayley with a encircle behind elbow.  Sonya gets on a apron and Bayley with a forearm.  Mandy with a rolulp yet Bayley gets a 3 count.

Winner:  Bayley

After a match, Sonya and Mandy conflict Bayley.  Sasha Banks comes to a ring and she stops Sonya and Mandy.

Sonya, Mandy, and Paige go to a behind while Sasha stays in a ring with Bayley.

Sasha raises Bayley’s arm and Sasha tries to cuddle Bayley, yet Bayley pushes her divided and leaves a ring.

We go to commercial.

We are behind with a demeanour behind during a compare between Asuka and Nia Jax.

Nia is in a locker room being checked out.  Alexa Bliss and Mickie James stop by and Alexa asks Mickie if she can have a impulse alone with Nia.

Alexa says that she knows Nia is disappointed.  You mislaid during Elimination Chamber so we are not going to Wrestlemania and afterwards we mislaid tonight.  Alexa says that Nia contingency be unhappy in herself.  Alexa tells Nia not to feel like a disaster or that we let your family down.  You have friends.  Alexa says that Nia competence not be on Wrestlemania this year, yet she will be subsequent year.  Think about what we have achieved and overcome.  You have been an wandering your whole life.  You have been neglected given we have been bigger than everybody else.  Alexa tells Nia that she sees how people demeanour during Nia in a airport.  You competence be a quitter, yet we can't let this get we down.  If we do, everybody will remove honour for you.

We take a demeanour behind during how Ronda Rousey finished a outing tik on her highway to Wrestlemania.

We see what happened final week between Elias and Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman says that he knows Elias is sweating bullets given tonight we find out about his harmony of destruction.  He says he is not finished with Elias and tonight is a start of his countdown to extinction.

Elias walks in a behind as we go to commercial.

We are behind and Elias is on a stage with a piano.  He says he is a vital among the dead.  Everything he does and all he says.  He has a doubt for everybody and wants to know who wants to travel with Elias.  He says he loves symphonies.  They are grand and sophisticated.  The conflicting of this scumbag town.  He says that he has mastered many instruments and he is not a one pretence hack like Braun Strowman.

Elias plays a drums.  Braun might be a Monster among men, yet he is vital in Elias’ world.  Braun will find out that WWE stands for Walk with Elias.

Elias final a correct introduction.

The lights go out and afterwards behind on yet he is not in a ring.  Elias runs to a back.  Elias leaves a locus and goes into a garage.

Elias starts his automobile yet it does not pierce when he puts it in reverse.

Elias looks in a behind perspective counterpart and Braun is interlude a car.  Braun says he is not finished with him.

Elias runs behind into a locus and Braun follows.

Match Number Five:  Elias contra Braun Strowman in a Symphony of Destruction Falls Count Anywhere Match

Elias comes by a opening and so does Braun so a compare starts.  Braun kicks Elias and sends him into a apron.  They lapse to a ring.  Elias grabs his sofa yet Braun with a forearm to a back.  Braun biels Elias opposite a ring and hits a dash into a corner.  Braun with a forearm opposite a chest.  Braun gets Elias adult yet Elias escapes and Elias clips Braun a few times.  Elias hits Braun in a behind with a guitar.  Elias with punches and a using hip to a head.

Elias goes adult tip and hits an bend dump for a nearby fall.  Elias goes for Drift Away yet Braun with a punch and Elias goes to a floor.  Elias tries to yield divided yet Braun kicks him in a ribs.  Braun drags Elias to a announce list and Braun does some redecorating.  Braun picks adult Elias yet Elias rakes a eyes.  Braun sends Elias into a pattern house and afterwards into some guitars on a stage.  Braun with a double sledge to a back.  Braun sees a drum and picks it adult and hits Elias in a behind with it.  Braun puts Elias underneath a piano.

Braun decides to take some time to play a piano.  Braun picks adult a piano and drops it on Elias.  Braun picks adult a piano and pushes it divided to get a 3 count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

Elias is put on a bracket after what happened to him.

We go to commercial.

We are behind and we are told about a Apr 27th uncover in Saudi Arabia with a 50 male Royal Rumble match.

Match Number Six:  Rhyno (with Heath Slater) contra Bray Wyatt

Bray attacks Rhyno as a bell rings yet Wyatt with a flog and clothesline.  Bray leans and looks during Slater from a apron.  Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for a 3 count.

Winner:  Bray Wyatt

After a match, Slater tries to go get Rhyno yet Wyatt lays on tip of Rhyno and Slater leaves a ring.

Bray tells Matt to come out and uncover his face.  He calls him a coward.  Bray says a Great War is distant from over.

Matt appears on a TitanTron and he conquers that a Great War is not over.  It can't occur within a WWE.  There is usually one terrain that can hoop this vast combat, a Hardy Compound.

Matt says that a bridgehead has been set for obliteration and he tells Bray to prepared for Final Deletion.

Miz walks in a behind with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas as we go to commercial.

We are behind and Miz is in a ring with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and it is time for a Mizzies, even yet a throng says it is MizTV.

Miz says a Mizzies honor a biggest in WWE.  They respect loyal greatness, not cinema that no one saw before.  The genuine Darkest Hour is that The Shape of Water won over The Marine 5.  Get Out?  That is what Kurt Angle should do as General Manager of Raw.  Three Billboards outward Ebbing Missouri should be Three Billboards outward New Orleans with this face.

It is time for a initial award.  The Superstar that is a best during patting themselves on a back.  The nominees are Seth Rollins, Kurt Angle, and Finn Balor.  The winners are Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.  Miz says they will not be means to accept their awards given they were not invited.

The subsequent Mizzie is Best Decision by a Raw General Manager.  The nominees are Kurt Angle for bringing his illegitimate son to Raw, Kurt Angle for vouchsafing Finn Balor and Seth Rollins into a Elimination Chamber Match, or Kurt Angle for not fixing an competition for The Intercontinental Champion during Wrestlemania.  The leader is Kurt Angle.  Kurt can't accept a endowment given he was too bustling sucking adult to Ronda Rousey.  Having a Mizzie on your resume is good for we when we do not have a pursuit after Wrestlemania.

Miz says it is time for a LIfetime Achievement Mizzie.  It goes to a workhorse of a WWE.  The male who will be in a categorical eventuality wherever he is on a card.

Seth Rollins interrupts a proclamation and he creates his approach to a stage.

Seth says he was enjoying a Mizzies, yet a people of Milwaukee were vagrant to play him off given he was dragging.

Finn Balor’s song plays and he comes out subsequent to Seth and asks if he is done.

Seth says this is dual weeks in a quarrel and he asks if he is following him.

Finn says he is out to do one improved than Seth.

Miz says that conjunction of we merit a pretension compare opposite him.  Whether it is durability 65 mins or carrying a good opening in a Elimination Chamber given we lose.  The usually chairman who does it improved than we is Finn Balor given he hold a Universal Title for one day.  You can speak about how over we are, yet this is not Japan.  To be over, we need some-more than a palm pointer that isn’t even yours.

You dual consider we are so special given we flog him in a dual on one encumber match.  Why not do something large tonight.  Miz says that he hurdles them to face him, Curtis, and Bo.

Seth says if that is what it takes to close him up, afterwards he is on.

Match Number Seven:  Miz, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas, contra Seth Rollins and Finn Balor

Balor and Axel start things off and Balor with a snap mare into an arm bar.  Axel with punches and a nightfall flip yet Balor rolls by and hits a dump flog for a nearby fall.  Balor with an arm bar.  Seth applauds Balor and asks to be tagged in and he hits a double sledge from a turnbuckles.  Axel with a flog and he sends Rollins into a turnbuckles.  Bo tags in and Rollins kicks Axel and sends him to a floor.  Rollins with a dump flog to Dallas.  Bo hits Rollins from behind and tags in Miz.  MIz kicks Rollins and follows with a foot to a conduct and he gets a nearby fall.    Miz sends Rollins into a turnbuckles and tags in Axel who hits a jump frog neck snap for a nearby fall.

Axel with an arm bar and chin lock.  Axel with a dump flog and he tags in Bo who punches Rollins and connects with an bend to a conduct for a nearby fall.  Bo with a retreat chin lock.  Rollins punches Dallas and chops him.  Rollins with a foot and he tags in Balor.  Balor punches Dallas and afterwards hits a double stomp after a double leg take down.  Balor with a clout followed by an Irish whip and chop.  Balor floats over yet Bo with a boot.  Balor with an enzuigiri and afterwards he sees Miz perplexing to interfere.  Balor avoids Axel, yet Dallas with a clothesline on a building as we go to commercial.

We are behind and Axel with a forearm yet Balor with a Pele Kick.  Rollins and Miz tab in and Rollins with a springboard clothesline and enzuigiri.  Rollins with a forearm into a dilemma followed by a suplex and Falcon Arrow for a nearby fall.  Rollins sets for a super flog and he hits a bearing kick.  Rollins deals with Axel on a apron and that allows Miz to take advantage.  Rollins gets a nearby fall.  Rollins with a self-murder dive onto Axel and Dallas.  Rollins clotheslines Miz over a tip wire to a floor.

Balor creates a tab when Rollins was removing prepared for a self-murder dive.  Rollins and Balor argue.  Rollins with a ball slip to Dallas and Axel.  Balor knocks Miz off a apron and afterwards Balor with a plancha onto Bo and Curtis.  Balor with Slingblade to Miz followed by a using dump kick.  Balor goes adult tip and Rollins creates a tab and hits Black Out for a 3 count.

Winners:  Seth Rollins and Finn Balor

After a match, Kurt Angle comes out and he tells Miz that he has a compare during Wrestlemania so it is time to find out who Miz will be facing.  You will not confronting Seth Rollins and we will not be confronting Finn Balor.  You will be confronting both of them in a Triple Threat Match.

We go to commercial.

We are behind and Paul Heyman creates his approach to a ring and he has Brock’s pretension belt with him.  Paul says he did not find your irrelevant opinion or your affirmation.  Paul says he is here to broach a summary on interest of his client.  He is here to set a record straight.  He is here tonight and he gets to lay this pretension down in this ring given Brock Lesnar allows him to put his hands on that title.  After Brock Lesnar successfully defends that Universal pretension on Apr 8th during Wrestlemania opposite Roman Reigns.  If Brock chooses to urge that pretension during SummerSlam, he will come behind on radio and he will lay this pretension down subsequent to a UFC pretension as well.

Last week, Roman Reigns had a lot to contend about Brock Lesnar.  He criticized Brock’s schedule.  Paul asks Roman what was a biggest feat of your career?  It was when we flog a Undertaker final year during Wrestlemania.  He says that Roman is one of dual to flog Undertaker during Wrestlemania.  Did anyone protest about a feat definition something given Undertaker usually wrestled once that year.  They did not given that is bulls***.  The Undertaker is a Undertaker 365 days a year, so props to you.  Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar 365 days a year.  You are not violence Brock Lesnar.

If Roman Reigns does not like what Paul is saying, Roman Reigns can do something about it subsequent week when he brings out Brock Lesnar.  Afa Wrestlemania, we can Sika new one given this one belongs to Brock Lesnar.

Last week, Roman Reigns called Brock Lesnar a bitch.  Paul says a pretension belt is Brock’s bitch.  She belongs to Brock Lesnar.  Roman Reigns, we are eyeballing Brock’s dog and we can’t have her.  Roman Reigns, we wish to be Universal Champion given your family’s bloodline runs by this business.  When we are Universal Champion, this is your bloodline and this bloodline is yours to keep.  You will have to take a pretension out of Brock’s hot, rival fingers.  Brock has always wanted to be numbers one.  That is not a belt, that is not a strap, that is not a prop.  This is explanation that we are series one.  Proof that we are improved than everybody else.  It is explanation to uncover your children that we are a tip of a card.  You are a series one on a face of this world and everywhere in a universe.  It is not how bad we wish a title, it is how bad a pretension wants you.

Here is a scapegoat we have to make.  On a Saturday night before Wrestlemania and we get a call that we have to go home given something bad happened to your father.  You have to urge a pretension and afterwards we can't fly home on a red eye given we need to be on Raw.  If we are not indispensable on Smackdown, afterwards we can go home to be with your family.  If we wish to be Universal Champion, this pretension needs we more.  You are that pretension and that pretension is all we are.

Next week on Raw, his customer will be here and we can contend whatever we wish to his face.  You have schooled that we don’t wish to fire on a mic with Paul Heyman and we don’t wish to fire in a ring with a current, reigning Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns’ song plays and he shows adult on a stage.  He creates his approach to a ring and he gets in Paul’s face.

Roman says this is what he is articulate about.  He pronounced a lot of things final week.  Some were oppressive yet they were true.  He suspicion Brock would uncover up, yet he sends Paul for his rebuttal.  He says that Brock unequivocally is a bitch.  Roman asks for Brock to uncover up.  They aren’t seeking for much.  They are seeking that their champion shows adult for work.  They don’t wish Brock to only uncover up, they wish him to wish to be here.

Roman says if Brock is going to be in Detroit, Roman says he will be there too.  He says that Brock can contend whatever he wants to his face yet he improved not be dressed for a promo segment.  He improved be dressed for a fight.

We go to credits.

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