WWE RAW PRIMER 3/18: Lesnar returns, Raw Women’s Championship , Rollins vs. McIntyre, Angle’s WM opponent, Balor & partner to face Lashley & Rush, Glamzon, Batista

Beth Phoenix (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)

MARCH 18, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

Arena and Items Advertised by WWE

WWE Raw comes to us tonight from a Allstate Arena in Chicago, Ill. (I hear a C.M. Punk chants already). The locus was rigourously famous as a Rosemont Horizon. The building non-stop for business in 1980 and has hosted WWE events as distant behind as 1985, including The Wrestling Classic that was won by a late WWE Hall of Famer Junkyard Dog. WrestleMania II was separate between 3 locations with a Rosemont Horizon being one of them. We’ll never forget a famous WWE Championship that saw CM Punk improved John Cena and leave city (for dual weeks) as a WWE Champion. Raw emanated from this plcae customarily 5 months ago, dual weeks before to Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement.

That was all then, and this is now. Here is what’s advertised so distant for tonight’s show, theme to additions and changes as we conduct towards tonight:

  • The Beast earnings before WrestleMania
  • Kurt Angle’s farewell debate rolls on
  • Seth Rollins seeks atonement opposite Drew McIntyre
  • Dana Brooke gets her pretension eventuality opposite Ronda Rousey
  • Who will partner with Finn Balor opposite Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush
  • Is Beth Phoenix introspective an in-ring return?
  • No. Holds. Barred

Brock Lesnar Returns

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has not been on radio given giving 6 F-5s to Seth Rollins on a Raw after a Royal Rumble this past January. Following that episode, we schooled on WWE.com that Rollins would plea Lesnar for a Universal Championship during WrestleMania.

Rollins has been verbally going during it with Lesnar’s disciple Paul Heyman, with final week being no exception. Rollins forked out that Lesnar has had problems with people of his distance in new time notwithstanding winning those matches (A.J. Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Finn Balor). Heyman countered by observant Lesnar had minimal time to prepared for those opponents. At Survivor Series 2017, Lesnar was to face Jinder Mahal until A.J. Styles flog him for a WWE Championship. At 2018’s offering, Lesnar was to face A.J. Styles when Daniel Bryan degraded him for a same championship. At this past Royal Rumble, Lesnar was to face Braun Strowman until he was private by Vince McMahon and Finn Balor warranted his approach into a match.

Out of nowhere, longtime Lesnar crony and former Minnesota Wrecking Crew tab group partner Shelton Benjamin pounded Rollins from behind. They went on to have a match, that lasted about 11 mins and saw Rollins win with his signature Stomp. On guest commentary, Heyman certified to profitable Benjamin to conflict Rollins from behind.

Tonight, Lesnar earnings to WWE radio to get prepared for his WrestleMania date with Rollins. This will be their second one-on-one. Their prior confront was during Battleground 2015 that saw Lesnar win around DQ when a Undertaker returned. Here’s Rollins on Twitter this past week:

Frank’s Analysis: One irritating object is Shelton is on Smackdown. This is a things that started function roughly 3 years into a strange register split. They started shuffling a group women behind and onward whenever they wanted. we don’t know how many people know of a tie between Shelton and Lesnar. At any rate, Rollins finished a unequivocally judicious indicate in bringing adult Lesnar carrying an emanate with smaller wrestlers. Heyman’s counter-argument was also effective. For me it was a best back-and-forth those dual have had given a WrestleMania compare has been finished official. Assuming they do an in-ring face-to-face or even if it’s only Heyman and Lesnar, I’d like to hear what Lesnar has to say. He’s some-more effective than for what WWE gives him credit.

Kurt Angle WrestleMania Opponent

They’re in Chicago tonight. Make it C.M. Punk. Could we imagine?

Last week on Raw, we got some flattering large news per WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. In his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa., Angle announced he will be carrying his farewell compare during WrestleMania.

Angle sealed with WWE in 1998 and finished his radio opening one year later. In his initial full year with a association (2000) he won a European and Intercontinental Championships, a King of a Ring tournament, and a WWF(E) Championship. He famously defended a pretension opposite 5 others in a Hell in a Cell compare during Armageddon that December.

He would supplement many other titles and accolades by a years and had large feuds with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, and Shawn Michaels only to name a few. No one could forget him singing “Sexy Kurt” in a build to his WrestleMania compare with Michaels in 2005. Of course, he is famous for revelation us from time to time that he won a bullion award with a “broken freakin’ neck.” After withdrawal WWE in 2006 he went on to have a Hall of Fame career with TNA/Impact Wrestling, before returning as a member of WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2017. He was concerned in Ronda Rousey’s initial WWE compare as her tab group partner opposite Triple H Stephanie McMahon during final year’s WrestleMania.

Last week he degraded Apollo Crews, a male who looked adult to Angle flourishing up. Tonight, he reveals his WrestleMania opponent. WWE fueled conjecture on their website citing 8 possibilities. Here’s a Twitter link:

Frank’s Analysis: My income is on John Cena, who had his initial televised compare opposite Kurt and also inducted him into a Hall of Fame. The Undertaker sounds like it creates sense, though there’s roughly no speak of him being during WrestleMania and between a dual of them who’s carrying a compare anyway? There’s a story with Shelton Benjamin, though we can’t see a compare with him being all that good. Chad Gable is an engaging choice, as Angle would be means to go over though spiteful Gable. There is a story with Samoa Joe, though that was in TNA/Impact. Roman Reigns is approaching to be tied adult with Drew McIntyre. They could always do a tab compare with Roman and Kurt opposite McIntyre and Baron Corbin, though they’ve advertised Kurt’s final go as a singles match. That doesn’t matter to WWE as they can change things up. Rey Mysterio is a good choice, as they always put on classics behind during Kurt’s initial WWE run. It was Rey that degraded Kurt and Randy Orton during WrestleMania in 2006 to win a World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

Last week following a Shield’s farewell address, we approaching to have a compare between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin. It would have been Reigns’ initial singles compare given before his leukemia proclamation behind in Oct of 2018.

Instead Reigns was treated to an conflict from behind by Drew McIntyre, that finished in a Claymore Kick into a ring post. Reigns looked like he was pang from a concussion and was helped to a behind by Seth Rollins. While in a back, Rollins insisted Reigns get checked out. Dean Ambrose approached Triple H and pronounced he wanted McIntyre one-on-one, no DQ or count out and falls count anywhere. Triple H postulated Ambrose his wish.

McIntyre and Ambrose went during it in a prolongation area, by a crowd, in a confluence (where Dean would have a discerning mid-match break carrying a small popcorn. Why not?), and eventually a opening ramp. McIntyre grass darted Ambrose a few times onto a theatre backdrop and gave him a Claymore Kick with his conduct lodged in a step vituperation to collect adult a pin.

McIntyre has indicated that he pennyless a Shield several months ago and is peaceful to do it again. Tonight, he continues that tour as he takes on Seth Rollins. Rollins will demeanour for atonement for his Shield brothers.

Frank’s Analysis: As we talked about in final week’s authority and has been speculated on several podcasts here during PWTorch, we can design Roman Reigns to face Drew McIntyre during WrestleMania. It feels like a large compare and one they can build towards though carrying to combat Reigns on TV until a event, presumption a custom is for him to take it easy on his return. Playing a concussion angle is not one we would have selected given how supportive we are to concussions not only in wrestling, though in a NFL in new years.

Another probability to cruise is a tab compare with Ambrose and Reigns confronting Corbin and McIntyre during WrestleMania. They’re in a uncanny position if they go with Reigns and McIntyre one-on-one given with a tab match, Reigns or even Ambrose can pin Corbin and during a unequivocally slightest it protects McIntyre. You don’t wish to keep violence McIntyre one-on-one generally if we wish to make him one of your tip heels. You could also have McIntyre and Corbin go over with Ambrose holding a pin. It’s only a unfolding to consider.

As distant as a compare tonight, these dual have left during it on Raw several times given a summer. Should Rollins win a Universal pretension this could a compare we see a lot some-more of after WrestleMania, hopefully on PPVs.

Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey (champ) vs. Dana Brooke

Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey had some choice disproportion for WWE fans and her WrestleMania opponents Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair final week.

She told a fans to “take their acclaim and force it” and called them bandwagon bitches. She reminded us of how fans chanted “you merit it” after she was brutalized with a kendo hang during Survivor Series by Charlotte and went on to call her and Becky “carny criminal artists.” Dana Brooke would miscarry and speak about how she might not be a big-time warrior though loves WWE. She continued on and reminded Ronda how she issues an open plea after PPVs, and she accepts. That was not correct on her part, as she was kicked down immediately and brutalized by Ronda.

On Friday morning, WWE announced they have fined Ronda for an undisclosed amount. They pierce her unsuited behavior. Here’s a proclamation by WWE:

Tonight, Dana Brooke gets an eventuality for a Raw Women’s Championship when she hurdles Ronda. Here’s Ronda as somebody approached her in courtesy to a compare tonight:

Frank’s Analysis: Ronda is now scrupulously placed as a heel, though her promo final week did not work on a few levels. She didn’t plead her actions during Fastlane as she was ostensible to and talked a million miles a minute. If you’re not a PWTorch VIP member, Go VIP to hear Zack Heydorn’s On The Canvas podcast in that he gives a unequivocally accurate examination in this past episode. we would supplement also she’s entrance off as if she’s articulate down to her opponents and down to a fans, roughly as if she thinks her “you-know-what” doesn’t scent and she’s above everything. You don’t wish to be in that domain even as a heel. People will only wish we to go away. She did shake a smiling she customarily does and sounded like a killer, so those tools of it were good. As distant as a pretension compare there are unequivocally no expectations, as we entirely design Ronda to vanquish Dana in mins if that.

Finn Balor Mystery Partner vs. IC Champ Bobby Lashley Lio Rush

Last week, after holding a Intercontinental Championship for a matter of weeks, Finn Balor mislaid a pretension behind to Bobby Lashley. As we recall, it was Balor who degraded Lashley and Lio Rush in a encumber compare during Elimination Chamber to win a title. Balor pinned Rush and not Lashley in that match.

Last week as Balor was going for his signature Coup de Grace, Rush began toll a bell that dreaming Balor. Balor would follow Rush and eventually flog him off a ring apron. As Balor attempted to get behind in a ring, Lashley tackled him and scored a pin. Lashley began his second power this year as Intercontinental Champion.

Tonight, Balor teams adult with a poser partner to face both Lashley and Rush.

Frank’s Analysis: One thing we wish to call to courtesy is something that has been lacking in WWE for utterly some time. There was no speak of Lashley after winning a pretension and Balor after losing a championship. Go demeanour and see how effective Samoa Joe was after winning a U.S. Championship. It’s only something of that we wish WWE would do some-more often. As distant as a compare final week and Balor’s power it’s about as bad as it gets. Balor looked bad not pinning Lashley to win a pretension and removing dreaming and eventually losing. I’m not certain a indicate of a power unless it’s to pierce out a Demon, that has been rumored for WrestleMania. As distant as Balor’s poser partner we have no clever feeling. For all intents and purposes, they could use someone from 205Live to negate Rush. You could also pierce Kevin Owens from Smackdown. They pierce everybody else during will, right? It’s not like he’s going to do anything inestimable over there after a reticent suspicion of inserting him into a WWE Championship picture. Owens can get atonement for Lashley putting him out months ago.

Beth Phoenix Returning to a Ring?

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix continued to make her participation felt final week.

As Natalya was creation her approach down a aisle to face Nia Jax, she talked about how she suspicion Ronda Rousey had her behind though apparently, she doesn’t given of … yeah we don’t remember what happened between them either. Anyway, she introduced Phoenix who apparently was going to be in her corner. Shortly after a compare started, Phoenix pounded Nia and a arbitrate called for a bell. The ring announcer per common didn’t announce a decision. Phoenix threw Tamina out of a ring and her and Nia finished their approach towards a back.

Moments later, Nia and Tamina were combative with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley Sasha Banks. It looks like Phoenix, also famous as “The Glamazon,” is deliberation a lapse to a ring.

Frank’s Analysis: I’m still guessing we’re streamer towards Nia Tamina vs. Phoenix Natalya during WrestleMania. Bayley Sasha combative with Nia Tamina throws a gorilla wrench into that suspicion process. They could have a compare enroute to WrestleMania in that Phoenix Natalya get concerned and that sets adult a triple threat, as WWE likes to have multi-person/team matches during ‘Mania. My feeling is not clever possibly approach though Nia Tamina and Phoenix Natalya will be concerned with any other during ‘Mania for sure.

No. Holds. Barred.

Yo, I’ll tell what we want, what we unequivocally unequivocally want. So tell me what we want, what we unequivocally unequivocally want.

I won’t apologize for putting a lyrics to Wannabe by a Spice Girls in this report. That strain has been in my conduct ever given a promo between Triple H and Batista final week. You all can humour with me, unless we like that strain that is cool. It’s indeed a good song. OK anyway, how many times did Batista scream “give me what we want?” Did they sanitize a mic after Batista separate on it during one point? Nonetheless final week it was reliable that Triple H will face Batista during WrestleMania in a no binds barred match.

The final time these dual faced any other during a WrestleMania was in 2005 when Batista won a World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H following his win of a Royal Rumble. At a risk of being sentimental and wanting to see a good shred to clean a memories of final week, we’ll never forget how Batista finished his “decision” during a time to face Triple H. Here’s that shred from Raw behind in 2005:

14 years creates utterly a difference. Here’s a shred from final week:

Frank’s Analysis: we indeed don’t caring so most about a “give me what we want” and Batista potentially forgetful his lines. It’s a story that bothers me. Two weeks ago, Triple H pronounced he would give Batista what he wanted if he showed up. Yet he shows adult final week and says he won’t give him what he wants. We didn’t even know what that was until FINALLY Batista certified to wanting one some-more compare during WrestleMania. Overall this should still work, though some-more needs to be finished for a build. Batista’s report is approaching an issue, though they need to work around that and do something even if it’s him promulgation in videos. Everyone else on a register cuts selfie promos.

Other Possible Items for Tonight

Aleister Black and Ricochet degraded Bobby Roode Chad Gable before being pounded by Raw Tag Team Champions a Revival. Look for WrestleMania skeleton to be suggested surrounding these teams. It is engaging that Black and Ricochet are also one of a final dual teams in a Dusty Rhodes tab group contest down in NXT.

Alexa Bliss suggested herself as a horde of this year’s WrestleMania. Alexa has recently dealt with a concussion and a Raw Women’s Championship design is tied adult with Rousey, Becky, and Charlotte. I’m certain Alexa will continue to speak about her arriving responsibility. The horde of WrestleMania is a mark customarily indifferent for a returning legend, an harmed wrestler, one for that they have zero creatively, and things of that nature.

Elias serenaded Pittsburgh and pronounced he assured Antonio Brown to force a trade from a Steelers. My mother and we are going to Smackdown in Brooklyn, N.Y. after WrestleMania and I’m certain he will contend he assured Odell Beckham, Jr. to force a trade from my dear N.Y. Giants. (Good elimination by a way) Nevertheless, he got into it with No Way Jose. For those of we longing that match, we only might get it. we apologize if I’m right.

Watch a greeting for Roman Reigns. You would consider it would still be positive, though we never know with Chicago. There is an essay out there in that Roman claims he wants to use some-more of his genuine persona in his impression as against to what he’s been doing. It claims in existence he’s unequivocally identical to his cousins, a Usos. We’ll see if this comes to fruition, though if loyal we resolutely trust it could work in his favor. More of Leati Joseph Anoa’i resplendent by a Roman Reigns impression would be better.

Start Time Matches Advertised on a Arena Website

The Allstate Arena’s website locus advertises a start time of 6:30 p.m. local, though don’t mention when doors are opening. They uncover dual matches, that contradicts what WWE.com is showing:

Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre Baron Corbin
Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley. They still uncover Balor as Intercontinental Champion.

They rightly uncover Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar appearing. The “talent” is theme to change of course.

Follow Frank on Twitter @FrankPeteani or e-mail fpeteani@gmail.com. Questions and contention are welcome. Thank we for reading!

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