WWE Officials Have Changed Their Plans For Upcoming Randy Orton/Shinsuke Nakamura Match

On SmackDown Live this week, Randy Orton will battle Shinsuke Nakamura for a initial time to figure out who will face Jinder Mahal for a WWE Championship during WWE Hell in a Cell. Regardless of who wins a match, WWE officials are hoping a outrageous matchup can yield a boost to new low ratings. Orton contra Nakamura is a outrageous compare to give divided for free, though a powers that be have attempted this kind of thing before.

The WWE Universe is awaiting “The King of Strong Style” to better a Viper on SmackDown Live, that means a former would accept his rematch with Jinder Mahal during WWE Hell in a Cell. It creates clarity for Orton to put over Nakamura only as John Cena did recently, so a adversary between Mahal vs. Nakamura can continue for another PPV. However, it seems that WWE officials have altered their minds about that plan.

It’s being reported that WWE officials are disposition towards Randy Orton winning a compare with Nakamura subsequent week on SmackDown Live to turn a No. 1 Contender. However, a expectancy is that Orton will get his pretension compare over a subsequent several weeks and Nakamura will accept his during WWE Hell in a Cell. Since a eventuality isn’t until October, WWE officials are assured that they can do both feuds before a subsequent PPV.

Randy Orton Made Things Interesting With An RKO To End SmackDown Live
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The adversary between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal didn’t unequivocally finish given a Great Khali’s division during WWE Battleground was a final time Orton and Mahal faced off. With good over a month to build a WWE pretension compare during Hell in a Cell, it would be daunting to book any one argument for that prolonged though a dual group fighting inside a ring. As a result, Orton and Mahal can have a correct finish to their dispute until it’s time for Nakamura to get his subsequent event during a WWE Championship in October.

Jinder Mahal Is Expected to Hold a WWE Title Some A Long Time
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Many people were awaiting Jinder Mahal to remove a WWE pretension during SummerSlam, though WWE officials had a change of heart with Baron Corbin’s push. Mahal’s power should continue for some time, though there is a lot of conjecture that it will be John Cena who will take a WWE pretension from him down a line. No matter who wins subsequent week on SmackDown Live, conjunction Orton or Nakamura will be winning a WWE pretension anytime soon.

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