WWE News: WWE artist Rob Schamberger shares engaging story …

It seems that The Beast is also a fan of art


Rob and Brock Lesnar could be deliberate to be friends
Rob and Brock Lesnar could be deliberate to be friends

What’s a story?

Rob Schamberger has been operative for WWE for roughly 4 years now and formulating some engaging paintings for a association to sell on their auction website, it seems that in that time Schamberger has gained a series of fans within a company.

In box we didn’t know…

Schamberger was hired by WWE forward of WrestleMania 30 and given a charge of portrayal a 7-by-5 board that distinguished 30 years of WrestleMania that could afterwards uncover off all of his skills.

Evidentally a star did good given he has been operative for a association ever given and conceptualizing some of a many singular paintings of artists for fans to buy.

Rob is a outrageous WWE fan and has been portrayal WWE stars for a past few years, it seems that pulling his art skills put him on WWE’s radar and authorised him to be beheld by a company, who after went on to give him an implausible event as partial of one of a biggest events in their history.

The heart of a matter

During a new talk with FOX 4 Kansas City, Schamberger suggested an engaging story about a time where a stream Universal Champion motionless to watch him paint while he was scheming for his compare opposite Seth Rollins during Battleground behind in 2015. (Transcript around WrestlingInc.com)

“While I’m in a behind portrayal (during WWE Battleground 2015), we feel this participation behind me. we don’t see or hear anything. It’s only like a sixth sense. we feel it. we spin around, and it’s Brock Lesnar examination me paint,” Schamberger said.

“It turns out Brock is indeed a bit of an art fan and only wanted to watch me paint while he was scheming for his match. He went out and only broken Seth Rollins.”

It seems that Brock is a outrageous fan of art and enjoyed examination Schamberger paint as a approach of scheming to decimate Rollins.

What’s next?

Rob has his possess uncover called Canvas to Canvas on a WWE Network that can be noticed anytime as good as a series of his work accessible on WWE’s auction site, all of these paintings are sealed by a luminary in doubt as well.

Author’s take

It’s obvious that Lesnar is a fan of art, it seems that he finds it therapeutic, generally when he’s warming adult for a match. It’s good that he finds a approach to channel himself outward of a ring and that Rob is means to still combine meaningful that someone like Brock is looking over his shoulder. It’s utterly a good story for him to share, it humanizes Brock somewhat.

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