WWE Money in a Bank: The winners from a final 5 years -Where are they…

.WWE Money in a Bank: The winners from a final 5 years -Where are they now? Some have seen their careers take off while some have depressed off a totem pole.

Here are a winners of a Money in a bank ladder matches and what has spin of them since.


Braun Strowman

Then– The Monster among group was a leader of a Men’s Ladder match. He afterwards successfully shielded his agreement opposite Kevin Owens during SummerSlam. Braun Strowman was in a center of a complicated pull during a time. He won a Greatest Royal Rumble progressing that year and it looked like it was usually a matter of time before he would wear a large red belt. Strowman announced that he would income his briefcase during Hell in a dungeon Pay per View. That finished him usually a 3rd chairman after Rob Van Dam and John Cena to announce a Cash-in beforehand. The compare finished in a no competition however as Brock Lesnar returned to lay rubbish to both Strowman and a afterwards Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Now– After his unsuccessful try during cashing in, Strowman was extrinsic into a triple-threat compare opposite Reigns and Lesnar. The hitch shortly became a singles compare as Roman relinquished his pretension following his leukaemia relapse. Strowman mislaid a compare in a matter of mins following a Baron Corbin interference.

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He went on to have a incomprehensible argument with Corbin and has not been in a pretension design ever since. He was transposed by Finn Balor during Royal Rumble for a pretension compare and featured in a Pre-Show during Mania in a Battle Royale. Strowman reportedly has feverishness from government for forgetful his spots in a match. He was announced to take partial in this years Money in a Bank ladder compare though mislaid his mark to Sami Zayn. Meltzer reported that this was partial of a incomparable storyline. Hopefully this storyline leads to his resurgence given a large male has colosally depressed by a wayside.

Alexa Bliss

Then– Alexa Bliss won a agreement and afterwards interfered in a Raw Women’s Championship Match between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey. She cashed in her agreement on Nia Jax and degraded her, apropos a initial woman, and third wrestler altogether (Kane and Dean Ambrose being a other 2), to cash–in a Money in a Bank agreement a same night after winning it.

Now– Bliss eventually mislaid a pretension to Ronda Rousey during SummerSlam. After a unsuccessful try during recapturing a pretension from Ronda, she started feuding with Trish Stratus and Lita. Bliss was announced to attend in a tab group compare during Evolution though was pulled out due to a concussion. She returned to attend during a Royal Rumble though unequivocally sparingly wrestled after that. Bliss was announced as a member for this years Money in a bank though was pulled out. A medical refurbish was expelled on a WWE website. It settled that a 5-time women’s champion was not medically unfit. She has been transposed by Nikki Cross.


Baron Corbin

Then– The Lone Wolf won a SmackDown disdainful Money in a Bank Ladder compare in 2017. He attempted to cash-in on Jinder Mahal who was a WWE Champion afterwards after interfering in his compare opposite John Cena. However, Corbin mislaid to Jinder after a Cena daze creation him a 3rd chairman then, to destroy to income in.

Now– Following a unsuccessful cash-in, Corbin’s appearances became sparse during SmackDown. However, following a code and design change, his career has flourished. Corbin was changed to Raw in a Superstar Shakeup and was finished a deputy of Raw. He might be resolutely placed in a Mid-Card now though he has spin one of a many inhuman heels in a register and is featured frequently in vital storylines. He is one of a participants of this years Money in a Bank Ladder compare and if rumors are to believed, he is set to be subsequent in line for a shot during a Universal title.


Then– Carmella won a initial ever Women’s Money in a Bank compare in argumentative fashion. James Ellsworth unclipped a briefcase and forsaken it to her. However, a outcome was overturned and another Money in a Bank compare was announced on SmackDown. This time, a princess of Staten Island won a box by unclipping it herself. After months of perplexing and unwell for one reason after a other, Carmella finally cashed in her Briefcase on Charlotte. The Queen had been laid out by a IIconics and Carmella took a eventuality to climax herself a new SmackDown Women’s Champion. She hold on to a agreement for 287 days, creation it a longest time any wrestler has hold on to a Money in a Bank briefcase.

Now– Carmella had a decent power with a title. However, she forsaken it behind to Charlotte during SummerSlam in a triple-threat compare that saw Becky spin on Charlotte and give a new champion a post-match beatdown. Carmella hasn’t unequivocally finished many after that. She won a churned compare plea and warranted a no.30 mark during a Royal Rumble though usually lasted 7 minutes. She participated in a Pre-Show Battle Royal and won though that hasn’t led to anything as well. Carmella will attend in a arriving Money in a Bank Ladder Match.


Dean Ambrose

Then– Dean Ambrose won a 2016 Money in a Bank Ladder Match. The Lunatic Fringe Cashed in his Contract for a WWE World heavyweight compare immediately after his Shield brethren, Seth and Roman, were finished contrary for it. Seth had labelled a belt from Roman usually to remove it to Ambrose on a same night. Dean became only the second wrestler to income in a agreement on a same night as winning it.

Now– Dean Ambrose took a pretension with him to SmackDown following a code split. He would go on to successfully shielded it opposite Roman and Seth during Battleground. He would eventually remove a pretension to AJ Styles during Backlash. Dean did sincerely good after that, winning a Intercontinental championship and Tag-team championships. He reformed a Shield with Roman and Seth and was unequivocally renouned among a fans. However, he was never in a universe pretension design again. After a unsuccessful heel spin and contingent beating with a approach his impression was handled, Ambrose refused to re-sign with a company. The association gave Ambrose a rousing farewell. It is still now different where the former WWE Champion’s destiny lies though one can contend with adequate management that it certainly isn’t with a WWE.



Then– Sheamus was a leader of a 2015 Money in a Bank creation him usually a second wrestler (after Edge) to win a Money in a Bank, Royal Rumble and King of a Ring. He cashed in his agreement on Roman Reigns who had only won a empty championship following a contest that culminated during Survivor Series. With that feat he became a 4-time universe champion in a WWE.

Now– He forsaken a belt behind to Roman after 22 days. He has given morphed himself into a tab group wrestler. He and Cesaro shaped one of a biggest tab teams in a WWE. The twin won a Raw and SmackDown Tag group titles mixed times. Sheamus suffered a concussion during Wrestlemania this year and exclusive an coming on SmackDown after mania, he is nonetheless to lapse to wrestling. There are rumors and speculations that a Irish star will be forced to retire. However, Cesaro says he believes that Sheamus isn’t finished yet. He also sensitive a fans that a dual were separate adult and are no longer a team.


Seth Rollins

Then– Seth Rollins took home a 2014 Money in a Bank briefcase following a Kane interference. Rollins attempted a series of times to income in though would get interrupted by others. He finally cashed-in his agreement and he did so in a Main-Event of Wrestlemania 31 (Becoming a initial chairman to income in during mania). He pinned Roman Reigns to win a pretension from Brock Lesnar underneath Triple-threat rules. The new champion hoisted a belt over his conduct to a entertaining throng that had only witnessed what was presumably a greatest cash-in of all time!  

Now– Rollins tore the ACL, MCL and medial meniscus in his knee while attempting to govern a sunset flip powerbomb during a compare opposite Kane during a WWE live event. The damage forced him to empty a championship after a 220-day reign. He was extrinsic into a universe championship compare opposite Roman Reign flattering shortly into his return.

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The Architect won a pretension off of Roman during Money in a Bank. With that he handed a Big Dog his initial purify detriment on a categorical roster. He would however immediately remove a pretension to Ambrose who cashed his agreement on a same night that he won. Rollins has given spin a grand impact champion in a promotion, won a Royal Rumble, has a 3-0 Wrestlemania strain given his lapse and is now a Universal Champion. He is substantially a wrestler with a many success among a income in a bank winners in a final 5 years.

Money in a Bank will take place during  take place on May 19, 2019, during the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. 

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