WWE: Mike Kanellis’ Road to Redemption Has Only Just Begun

It will take a bit some-more than a energy of adore for Mike Kanellis to be redeemed, though if given an eventuality to shine, he will make a many of it.

Unless you’ve been tuning into WWE Main Event on a weekly basement or profitable tighten courtesy to brawls when they mangle out on Raw, we approaching forgot Mike Kanellis was still employed by WWE.

If we can recall, Kanellis entered WWE with a bit of hum in a summer of 2017 following a successful army in IMPACT. It seemed like a bizarre pierce to immediately deliver him to a SmackDown Live code though carrying him rise in NXT first, though maybe WWE was underneath a arrogance his mother Maria would be adequate to get him over with a audience.

The WWE Universe was positively receptive to their WWE attainment during a Money in a Bank pay-per-view and a act showed signs of potential. Unfortunately, a miss of follow-up on a successive part of SmackDown harm them considerably.

Despite how impossibly gifted both of them are, their “power of love” gimmick was too one-dimensional and had no depth. Worse yet, they were directionless for weeks before finally settling on a storyline with Sami Zayn, who Kanellis kick in his in-ring entrance on Jul 18.

Officials contingency not have been tender with what they saw, given it was a small 5 days after that he suffered his initial better during a hands of Zayn in a rematch during Battleground. Their adversary was afterwards abruptly cut brief with Kanellis removing pinned a second time by Zayn on SmackDown that Tuesday.

Curt Hawkins’s extensive losing strain dating behind to late 2016 has been well-documented, though during slightest he has been means to measure a decent volume of radio time over a past dual years, distinct Kanellis.

Following his argument with Zayn, Kanellis was taken off WWE programming all together. He mislaid to Bobby Roode twice that tumble and didn’t resurface until a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 34.

One would have approaching him to be harmed formed off how many time he spent on a sidelines. Instead, he was totally healthy, nonetheless WWE had no skeleton to pull him and opted to banish a former Ring of Honor star to particularly residence shows.

In offer to deplorable booking, there were several factors behind Kanellis’ deficiency from TV, including traffic with obsession issues and Maria removing profound shortly after she and Mike assimilated a company.

Without Maria, Mike isn’t scarcely as constrained as a character, though his in-ring ability speaks for itself. Granted, he has never been a many well-developed wrestler in a world, though there are distant worse wrestlers on a register who are on Raw and SmackDown many some-more frequently than he is.

Maria has teased removing behind in a ring on her lapse to TV, though fingers crossed she won’t mangle off on her possess for her husband’s sake. He indeed scored his initial singles win in over 14 months on a latest book of Main Event, though over that, he has been a tack on a uncover given relocating to Raw in a Superstar Shake-up progressing this year.

In fact, Kanellis hasn’t been in movement on Raw or SmackDown given Sep 2017, vagrant a doubt of because WWE worried to pointer him in a initial place.

Contrary to renouned belief, Kanellis can be repackaged and resurrected from jobber purgatory. His social media activity has shown that he has a certain opinion about his stream position in a company, though there’s usually so many he can do (such as training or lobbying for a compare on Raw) until WWE gives him a possibility to uncover what he’s able of.

WWE has proven in a past that they can take a talent, start from blemish with them, and spin that talent into a categorical eventuality actor if they so choose. Look no offer than Jinder Mahal, who went from creation occasionally appearances on Raw to winning a WWE Championship in a matter of months final year.

Of course, Kanellis should not be opposed for a WWE or Universal pretension during any indicate in a foreseeable destiny (if ever), though there’s no reason he can’t be in row for possibly a Intercontinental or United States Championships eventually.

Some of WWE’s best angles over a years have confused a lines between existence and storyline. With that said, Kanellis’ real-life highway to liberation should positively be incorporated into his on-air character, as it would give fans a reason to convene behind him and wish to see him succeed.

Maria returning to offer as his spokesman would be a outrageous help, though Kanellis needs approach some-more than that to get behind on track. NXT would be a ideal height for him to reinvent himself, and now that the rumors are loyal about a integrate alighting on 205 Live, that will be profitable as well.

Many WWE fans were discerning to write off Mike Kanellis as an encouragement talent for life following his tumble from beauty in 2017, though a association can still build him behind adult into a convincing aspirant with a right booking.

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