WWE: Fantasy Booking 5 Show-Stopping Matchups

Regardless of your opinion on a stream peculiarity of a WWE product, there are still copiousness of ways that a association could warn us. What kinds of matchups distortion in wait if a essay staff needs some new ideas?

The stream instruction of WWE is a hotly-debated subject in a internet wrestling community. However, there are copiousness of new directions a association could potentially take to warn us. So either or adore or hatred where a association is headed, here are a few matchups that competence bother your seductiveness in a future.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

This argument is already building, interjection to Seth creation it transparent that he wants to be a fighting champion distinct a stream Universal champ. The doubt now is either or not WWE is peaceful to pull Seth to a tip of a label to spin from Kingslayer to Beast Slayer. Unfortunately, this argument requires Seth to dump a tag he now has, though that gives someone else an event to squeeze a belt. The energetic is already here: Rollins, a fighting champ, vs. Lesnar, a part-timer.

More and some-more superstars are seeing that Lesnar is given approach too most space in terms of his contract. So, a poignant apportionment of a locker room decides to spin opposite Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman, being a glorious businessman he is, decides to partisan a few people to mount opposite this locker room uprising. It’s a argument that could cap in a Survivor Series compare or something similar, with Rollins and Lesnar as captains of any team.

Somewhere in there, Rollins has to dump his belt. Let’s only contend that one of Paul Heyman’s new guys takes it from him. The Universe is apparently upset, though Rollins shrugs it off and uses it as his event to plea Lesnar for a belt. It could roughly be a Battleground 2015 rematch, though there’s a catch. It has to be clean. We can’t have unwashed strategy or a bad ref call come into play. Rollins needs to win a belt satisfactory and square.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

The thought for this argument competence make some people angry, since it requires Reigns to win a Money in a Bank agreement this year. Don’t blow a gasket only yet, since all it leads to will be a estimable payoff. But if we didn’t caring for a final idea, afterwards maybe there’s another approach to put a Universal belt on Rollins. There are a lot of voices in a internet wrestling village that wish Reigns to spin heel. There are also a lot of voices that wish Rollins during a top. So because not hoop both in one swoop?

So it starts after Roman Reigns wins a Money in a Bank agreement subsequent month. He comes out on Raw a subsequent night and talks about how he’s gunning for a Universal belt, and he’ll money in when a time comes. Meanwhile, Rollins is perplexing to infer himself to get a shot during Lesnar by fighting each week. Eventually, they give him that chance, let’s contend during Summerslam, though that competence be a bit early. Rollins and Lesnar go to war, though Rollins hardly comes out on top. Reigns’ song hits. Cash-in. Reigns is a new Universal champion, and a WWE Universe is up-in-arms.

On Raw a subsequent night, Reigns reveals that this is a antagonistic takeover (it is his yard, after all). He starts regulating his belt as precedence to get his way. The fans hatred a energy he now has over management. He books matches in preference of his allies. If anyone questions him, they get a beating. But finally, Rollins decides that adequate is adequate and it’s time for Reigns’ energy outing to come to an end. Reigns and Rollins strife on a Raw episode, and Rollins tries to remonstrate him to change, though Reigns isn’t shopping it. Throw in a integrate of unwashed wins for Reigns, and you’ve combined a flattering fired-up WWE Universe.

Let’s contend they extend this Reigns takeover to Royal Rumble of subsequent year. Rollins is on a prohibited streak, and government is peaceful to give him a shot during Reigns. Throw in a ‘no binds barred’ chapter to settle this once and for all. They go out, have an positively torpedo match, and in a end, Rollins is a victor. It’s a sincerely formidable build-up, though it’s something that could simply lift us by a latter half of 2018. Plus, it’s a good approach to climax a new Universal champion.

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