WWE Battleground: Aiden English Vs. Tye Dillinger (Kickoff Pre-show)

Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

Aiden English is in a ring underneath a spotlight as fans boo. English introduces himself and sings a strain though a boos continue. English is interrupted as a strain hits and out comes Tye Dillinger. Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s assimilated by JBL and Byron Saxton.

The bell rings and a “10” chants start up. They tighten adult and English relates a headlock. English drops Tye with a shoulder and poses for some-more boos. They trade binds and Tye sends English into a corner. Tye taunts English with a 10 and a chants start behind up. English tries to come from behind though gets caught. English still takes control though Tye comes out of a dilemma and floors him. Tye stomps divided in a dilemma as fans get behind him.

English fast turns it around with a shot to a jaw from a apron. English comes right in and nails a knee that sends Tye into a dilemma conduct first. English unloads as fans boo. English keeps control and drops Tye out of a dilemma again. English stands high and poses as fans disapprove some more. We go to break.

Back from a mangle and English is covering for a 2 count. English keeps control and drift Tye in a center of a ring. English sings a small strain while gripping Dillinger grounded. Dillinger finally nails a dropkick as fans start to convene for him. Tye unloads though English avoids a Tye Breaker and retreats to a floor. Dillinger follows though English suckers him in. They finish adult behind in a ring and Tye hits a large spinebuster for a tighten 2 count. They go to a tip though English fights off a superplex. English headbutts Dillinger to a mat.

English nails a crossbody though Tye rolls by for a tighten 2 count. English avoids another Tye Breaker and plants Tye face initial for a tighten cover. English throws a fit in a center of a ring now. They trade shots and pin attempts. More behind and forth. English nails a Director’s Cut for a pin.

Winner: Aiden English

After a match, Aiden stands high and celebrates as we go behind to a panel.

This is from the live coverage of WWE Battleground. To entrance the full Battleground coverage, click here.

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