WWE Battleground 2017: What Fans Are Marking Out for After Latest Event

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Battleground might not have had a whole horde of moments that fans will remember for a prolonged time, though it did enclose a few incidents to cherish.

Sunday night might good be regarded as a missed event for SmackDown Live’s movement on a whole, though with SummerSlam approaching, there were some highlights.

Here are a large moments fans were left imprinting out to and articulate about on Sunday night.


To contend a finish to Sunday’s United States Championship compare was treacherous would be an understatement.

Kevin Owens took a championship behind from AJ Styles only a few weeks after dropping it during Madison Square Garden, though a finish positively got people talking.

There was some discuss over either Styles’ shoulder was adult for a winning pinfall, and a delayed count from a arbitrate positively done things even some-more perplexing.

WWE could be dire on with an angle on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live whereby Styles final a rematch over a argumentative finish, though a difficulty right now is positively intriguing.

It was though doubt one of Sunday’s biggest articulate points.


The rumor mill is customarily utterly good during presaging WWE earnings before they happen, though a greeting of a throng in assemblage during Battleground on Sunday spoke volumes for how The Great Khali’s lapse held everybody out.

Khali has not been seen in WWE for 3 years though done his quip on Sunday night to assistance Jinder Mahal keep a WWE Championship during a responsibility of Randy Orton.

The large doubt is either Khali’s lapse was a one-time thing or drift for him to join Mahal’s alliance. 

But no matter a answer to that question, Khali’s entrance behind to assist Mahal positively got a fans reacting.


It’s substantially something of a warn that a opening compare during Battleground was a best of a night. 

But there’s no jealous that The Usos and The New Day were a standout performers of Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Xavier Woods in sold excelled while Kofi Kingston was put out of movement mid by a match, assisting a upsurge of a competition as Jimmy and Jey Uso attempted to browbeat him.

The series of fake finishes also helped emanate a smashing philharmonic and a fascinating opening event to Battleground.

Fans will be vehement to see their subsequent assembly following The New Day’s victory.

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