WWE Battleground 2017 Results: Worst Booking Decisions from SmackDown PPV

    Mike and Maria Kanellis have utterly clearly struggled to get The Power of Love gimmick over with audiences. It has not struck a chord and severely emasculates a former each time a happy integrate walks out onto a stage.

    To their credit, they have enthralled themselves in a characters, going as distant as to have tradition rigging done up.

    Unfortunately, it might all be for naught, as a initial hints that government is not feeling with a act became clear Sunday night when Mike mislaid his initial pay-per-view compare to Sami Zayn. 

    The same Zayn who frequency wins high-profile matches in his possess right. 

    The fact that Kanellis was beaten as shortly as he was, and that he has been so shoddily booked, suggests he is fast descending out of preference with management. That is, unless there is some vital angle associated to his detriment that will reveal on a Jul 25 part of SmackDown Live. If that is a case, this engagement misstep can be forgiven.

    If not, a gifted immature star with a proven lane record of personification an unlikable heel in scarcely each vital graduation on a world might have his intensity squandered by a association that clearly suspicion a horrific Power of Love gimmick was a good one.

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