WWE Battleground 2017 Results: Natalya and Biggest Winners and …

    Shinsuke Nakamura entered Wells Fargo Center Sunday night to extensive energy, a Philadelphia fans singing along to his thesis song as he took to a squared round for his showdown with Baron Corbin. Unfortunately, that was a border of a fad he generated during Battleground.

    So feeble requisitioned as a charismatic Superstar been that he has devolved into an opening and small more.

    The structure of a compare did small to help.

    Nakamura was beaten down by The Lone Wolf for a infancy of a bout, his midsection a aim of a Money in a Bank winner’s attack.

    Then, it was over.

    Before The King of Strong Style could govern any of his signature offense, Corbin held him with a low blow and a ref called for a bell, robbing fans of a energetic quip try by a typically electrifying former NXT champion.

    At some point, WWE Creative will be forced to re-examine a proceed it has taken in regards to Nakamura or face a really genuine probability that he will destroy to suffer a same success he did in a acclaimed developmental territory.

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