WWE Battleground 2017 Results: Kevin Owens and a Biggest Stars of a Night

    Credit: WWE.com

    It feels surplus to continue celebrating a same dual guys for a same reason, though once again, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens stole a show. This, right here, was how it’s ostensible to be done. This compare had smashing pacing; Owens gets some good heel feverishness by rolling out during well-suited times. Owens continued to stir by relocating as good as he can, for a male as large as he is. And Styles tender even some-more by lifting Owens, with a array of fastener moves that looked effortless, quite that woe shelve nearby a finish of a match.

    It’s hapless that one of them had to lose, and with such a uncanny finish; everybody, including a referee, looked confused, and not in a good way).

    This is a form of compare that deserved to be during a tip of a label for a large title, rather than during a center of a label for a mid-card title. At slightest a dual of them are augmenting a status of a United States championship, that is some-more than what can be pronounced for a WWE championship.

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