WWE Battleground 2017: Results and observations from a show

My personal expectations were not all a high streamer into Battleground and it incited out we had good reason to feel somewhat pessimistic, as a final pay-per-view before SummerSlam left a good volume to be desired.

I have positively witnessed worse pay-per-views from WWE, though a company’s offerings so distant this year have been consistently good on both sides of a code extension. Even Great Balls of Fire was a strike with me.

Unfortunately, Battleground was a initial genuine broken of a year. The timing could not have been better, we guess, as we was in indeed during a Wells Fargo Center to declare a eventuality in person, that is a reason because we can’t be overly disastrous about a show.

I still had a good time examination live wrestling, that is customarily a case. It is always improved to watch veteran wrestling with a organisation of people — in this case, a organisation of thousands — as conflict to examination alone in my home or during my list during work.

If we had finished possibly one of a latter dual options, we competence have a some-more dour perspective of a show.

Before we excavate deeper into a show, here are a full compare results:

– Kickoff compare – Aiden English def. Tye Dillinger

– Smackdown Tag Team championship – The New Day def. The Usos

– Shinsuke Nakamura def. Baron Corbin around disqualification

– Five-way rejecting – Natalya def. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina Lana

– WWE United States championship – Kevin Owens def. AJ Styles

– Flag compare – John Cena def. Rusev

– Sami Zayn def. Mike Kanellis

– WWE championship (Punjabi Prison match) – Jinder Mahal def. Randy Orton

The Great Khali lends Mahal a assisting hand

You are not reading that sub-headline wrong. The Great Khali finished a warn lapse to WWE during Battleground — for clearly usually one night — with a goal of lending a assisting palm to a associate wrestler of Indian descent.

Khali literally used one of large hands to stop Orton from climbing adult a outdoor enclosure of a Punjabi Prison and choked a life right out of him, permitting Mahal to stand right past a challenger to successfully keep a WWE pretension nonetheless again.

I know Mahal mentioned Khali as being a ostensible dignitary of a Punjabi Prison match, though we would not have approaching WWE to indeed call adult a former World Heavyweight champion to seem in Philadelphia Sunday.

Fans reacted in startle and astonishment as Khali lumbered his approach to a ring. It was crazy adequate to consider that Mahal was in a categorical eventuality of a pay-per-view for a third uninterrupted month, though we also got a Khali sighting in WWE for a initial time given 2014.

Before Khali repelled a wrestling world, Orton and Mahal had what was simply a best Punjabi Prison compare to date. Now, we commend that is a low bar to transparent with a other dual matches being flattering lame, though a law is a truth.

That is not to contend that a compare did not have a flaws. The initial smirch occurred before a bell rang, as fans fast beheld once a grievous structure was lowered from a roof of a Wells Fargo Center that a sightlines were going to be reduction than ideal.

That is to be approaching with a enclosure match, though a Punjabi Prison has a pattern that is even some-more singular than a standard cage, creation it infrequently tough to see what is going on.

Another emanate was that a slow, process gait of a compare took a throng right out of it. The fans fast became usually and began chanting for CM Punk and for everybody examination outward of a city to “Trust a Process.” Sixers fans do not need an forgive to scream about “The Process.”

However, we suspicion there were certain aspects of a match. we suspicion Orton and Mahal worked really hard, though maybe a hardest workers were a Singh Brothers, who clearly took usually as many punishment as a competitors in a match.

One of them even fell from a tip of a outdoor enclosure of a Punjabi Prison all a approach by an announce list below. It was flattering a disagreeable strike that was estimable of a few additional bucks on his check for this show.

The biggest certain entrance out of all of this is that a long, disinteresting adversary between Mahal and Orton should finally be over.

Natalya is headed to SummerSlam

Smackdown Live’s women’s pretension was not shielded during Battleground, though a No. 1 contender to a pretension during SummerSlam was dynamic around a five-way rejecting match, that saw Natalya come out as a victor.

The finish was kind of anticlimactic, though a compare altogether was good.

I know there are some out there who are not large fans of Natalya. Do not count me as a member of that camp.

In a ring, Natalya is means of carrying illusory matches and we consider that if she gets Naomi one-on-one during SummerSlam, a dual women are means of putting on one of a improved women’s matches all year.

The storyline heading adult to it might not set a universe on fire, though a compare should deliver.

The biggest doubt entrance out of all of this is when and where will Carmella come into play? She is still carrying her agreement for a destiny championship compare in that white briefcase of hers and we have a humorous feeling she will forestall Naomi contra Natalya from possibly being a one-on-one competition or function during all.

What we do know is that we unequivocally wish Smackdown Live gets divided from a multi-woman matches for a while

Cena wins LOL

The slightest startling finish of a night was Cena defeating Rusev in a dwindle match.

This compare was zero to write home about, that is kind of frustrating deliberation Cena and Rusev are tremendously talented.

However, this was a compare that woke a throng behind adult after a array of underwhelming finishes.

The one thing we found bizarre about all of this was that WWE altered a manners of a dwindle match.

Instead of a competition adult a poles to squeeze a flags, Cena and Rusev radically had a heartless send race, where one of them had to initial squeeze their particular dwindle from a check in a dilemma of a ring and afterwards competition to a theatre to plant a dwindle in a flagstand that was on a pedestal.

The meant flags being forsaken on a ground, that could understandably dissapoint some people.

What harm a compare a many was any man’s delayed climb adult a stairs of a pedestal to finish a match. Cena and Rusev would quarrel any other tooth and nail, though unexpected hardly travel when it came time to travel adult a stairs of a pedestal.

I know wrestlers do that to build drama, though in this box there were usually about 5 steps.

Underwhelming finishes to Owens/Styles and Nakamura/Corbin

Arguably a dual matches on a label we was looking brazen to a many both kind of let me down with underwhelming finishes.

Corbin and Nakamura were carrying decent match, though it finished abruptly when Corbin kicked Nakamura next a belt, forcing a central to invalidate him.

I theory that was finished in an bid to forestall possibly male from being pinned, though it didn’t go over too good with a fans in attendance.

In a United States pretension match, Owens pinned Styles’ shoulders to a compare while a latter had a former in a acquiescence hold.

The finish left fans confused during first, as they had no thought what was going on. Maybe if a fans had a advantage of conference a announcers, they would have.

I would suppose that being means to hear a announcers would have helped transparent adult what happened.

Fashion X-Files … to be continued?

We might not have gotten gratifying conclusions to those dual of matches, though we was certain that we were going to get one from Breezango and their latest installment of a Fashion X-Files.

WWE led fans to trust that something was going to occur in a ring with Breezango.

Instead, Fandango and Tyler Breeze never seemed before a live audience. They stayed backstage and filmed another segment.

The shred was humorous nonetheless again, though a finale said, “to be continued,” that we substantially routinely wouldn’t have a problem with, though it came after a integrate of underwhelming bouts.

The New Day are champions again

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods won tab group titles together for a third time Sunday night after defeating The Usos, though for Woods it was a initial time he scored a pin tumble to win a championship.

More critical than that was a compare that a New Day had with The Usos, that was simply a best of a night. In fact, I’d try to contend that it was a best tab group competition WWE has constructed in 2017.

Woods and Kingston might have come out on top, though they took some nasty bumps during a match.

Unfortunately, this compare was a initial on a pay-per-view proper, that meant a rest of a label unsuccessful to magnitude up.

Aiden English won

In a startling move, English indeed won a televised compare on a Battleground kickoff show.

Although English won Sunday, we could simply see WWE engagement a rematch between he and Dillinger that would see Dillinger get his feat back.

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