WWE Battleground 2017: Overlooked and Underused Stars Who …

    Is it probable for a stream champion to be “overlooked” or “underused?”

    The answer, if we have been profitable tighten adequate courtesy to Naomi, is a resounding “yes.”

    The SmackDown women’s champion prisoner her pretension behind during WrestleMania 33, drumming Alexa Bliss out and completing an romantic return. Rather than roving a call of movement into a summer and substantiating herself during a tip of a SmackDown Live women’s division, Naomi has been left to watch from a sidelines as government struggles to rise transparent No. 1 contenders for her.

    Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Tamina and Carmella have been intertwined in a array of repeated multi-woman matches that never seem to solve their issues. Meanwhile, Naomi has been left to run over Lana in a array of squish matches for a many desired esteem SmackDown Live has to offer a womanlike talent.

    With no legitimate module to pronounce of, or any high-quality matches to indicate to, Naomi’s power is in risk of apropos one of a many unsatisfactory in new memory.

    Considering a tough work and loyalty to her qualification that went into her finally removing a event to soar as a singles competitor, she has warranted some-more than that.

    If not during Battleground, Naomi is positively in line for a high-profile pretension invulnerability during SummerSlam, if usually to rouse her pretension power over a inlet of despondency it now resides in.

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