WWE Battleground 2017: Is John Cena’s Love For America Hurting Ticket Sales?

Tuesday night on SmackDown Live, John Cena delivered a spirited, nationalistic promo fitting of a whole thesis of WWE Battleground 2017.

Credit: WWE.com

John Cena has left all-in with his adore for a nation that WWE’s assembly might not feel as fondly about.

Cena channeled all from 9/11 to D-Day to proudly exaggerate of all a perplexing moments when “the dwindle flew high.” Despite being a clever John Cena promo, it was a discouraging sign of WWE’s continued mania with an old-fashioned denote of engagement that paints most foreigners as anti-American heels.

And in a melting pot of today’s society, where competition and ethnicity is still a hot-button emanate heightened by a argumentative boss whose transport anathema has come under glow as xenophobic, WWE seems to be stranded in a 1980’s genius of us vs. them.

WWE’s aged propagandize engagement strategy could serve strew light on the rapid aging of WWE’s audience, that has left adult by 26 years given 2000 according to a new news from the Sports Business JournalThe median age of wrestling fan is 54. This exceeds any vital competition in North America and is an denote of WWE’s shortcomings in joining with younger viewers, that given a TV-PG programming, one would figure would be a core.

WWE’s impassioned nationalism simply isn’t a answer when it comes to joining with younger fans. According to a new Gallup Poll, immature adults are a slightest likeliest of subgroups peaceful to contend they are unapproachable to be an American, as only 34% of adults from 18-29 made this claim.

It’s satisfactory to doubt only how many people in ubiquitous are on house with WWE’s enlarged jubilee of these United States. The 52% of adults overall marked a new low of people who were unapproachable to be American in 2016.

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