WWE Battleground 2017: 5 Potential Effects Of John Cena Vs. Rusev

WWE Battleground 2017 outlines a pay-per-view earnings of both John Cena and Rusev, who have been sorely missed by SmackDown.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

The blue code usually hasn’t been a same given WrestleMania 33 in a issue of a “Superstar Shakeup” and with a uncover possessing a significantly opposite roster. Viewership, overall, has been down given then, yet it has finished good given Cena’s return, that is a trend that WWE hopes will go continue on a highway to SummerSlam.

That all starts during Battleground, a PPV highlighted by Cena vs. Rusev in a hitch that will have vital ramifications on a destiny of SmackDown. If Cena beats Rusev as many people expect, it could set a theatre for a series of marquee storylines that will lift a blue code into a fall. But if Rusev pulls off a upset, afterwards what?

With Battleground’s sheet sales struggling not prolonged after SmackDown was unable to sell out Backlash as well, demeanour for a blue code to lift out all a stops during Battleground and to rest heavily on Cena going forward. Here are 5 intensity effects of Cena vs. Rusev during Battleground, a hitch that could impact a blue code good over SummerSlam.

Rusev’s “Push” Ends Before It Gets Started

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

WWE has a story of engagement superstars to be undefeated (or scarcely unbeatable) in sequence to get them over, and it’s mostly worked.

It’s because Goldberg valid to be such a draw during his new run, because Braun Strowman seems to be apropos one and because The Undertaker’s invulnerability of “The Streak” was such a large partial of WrestleMania for dual decades. WWE used that same truth with Rusev after his entrance in 2014 when he went undefeated for scarcely a year before losing his initial categorical register compare to, we guessed it, Cena during WrestleMania 31.

Rusev’s initial detriment eventually valid to be a commencement of his rain as he never unequivocally recovered from descending plant to a pull of Cena, going from unstoppable beast to usually another midcard heel. Here we are dual years later, and this certain feels like a box of deja vu, with a returning Rusev clearly on SmackDown just to put over Cena and afterwards immediately go behind to midcard mediocrity, notwithstanding a wish of many fans that it could be a start of a pull for him.

Although Rusev is a tremendously underrated and underutilized talent, his Battleground compare opposite Cena certain seems like a approach to make Cena demeanour clever rather than to build adult Rusev, who approaching won’t miscarry from a detriment to Cena in a loyal repeat of 2015.

Cena Vs. AJ Styles At SummerSlam For The Second Straight Year

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc), WWE could be building to Cena vs. AJ Styles during SummerSlam 2017 in what would be a rematch from SummerSlam 2016 and a reincarnated chronicle of what was arguably WWE’s best adversary final year.

SmackDown’s viewership, notwithstanding tough TV competition, has trended in a right instruction given Cena’s return, and final week’s episode, that featured Styles and Cena teaming adult in a categorical event, increased by 100,000-plus viewers even yet it was adult opposite a MLB All-Star Game. That’s a clever pointer that a seductiveness turn in Cena vs. Styles is unequivocally high even yet a dual have feuded on and off for roughly a final year, that isn’t that startling given that there is justification that suggests they were both tip 3 sell sellers final year.

You could disagree that one of a biggest reasons because a blue brand’s ratings augmenting by 7% over a final year is a mass of Cena and Styles, who, in a lot of ways, carried a brand. Cena was a No. 1 star on a uncover whenever he was around while Styles filled that purpose when Cena was gone, and given final year’s code split, they’ve provided SmackDown with many of a show’s many noted moments.

While many fans protest about WWE repeating too many storylines and doing it too soon, Cena vs. Styles is one steady argument that fans approaching won’t protest about. It is, after all, a conflict between dual of WWE’s biggest stars, and if they both collect adult large victories during Battleground, afterwards we can rest positive that they might be headed for a outrageous strife during SummerSlam.

“The Champ” Makes The Move To Raw

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Will WWE confirm that Cena is improved off on Raw?

Cena, of course, is now a “free agent” who is able to work on both brands, and he has, in fact, indeed been requisitioned on some Raw live events in an bid to accelerate assemblage and, eventually, TV ratings for a red brand. If we demeanour during a approach WWE books a dual shows, Raw relies many some-more heavily on large name stars and part-time attractions than SmackDown, that tends to pull newer stars like Baron Corbin, Carmella and Shinsuke Nakamura.

As we saw with The Undertaker recently when he showed adult on SmackDown and afterwards shifted to Raw for a argument with Roman Reigns, WWE might cite utilizing Cena for a SummerSlam argument with a Raw star, maybe someone like Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman, than for one on a blue brand. We should get a plain denote of what WWE’s skeleton might be during Battleground formed on a outcome of Cena’s compare opposite Rusev and what might go down afterward.

If Cena isn’t going to face someone like Styles, Corbin or Nakamura during SummerSlam, afterwards maybe WWE will use his “free agent” standing to get him on Raw and set adult a marquee adversary with a tip star from a red brand, potentially augmenting interest in Raw in a process.

Cena Vs. Jinder Mahal For The WWE Championship At SummerSlam

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

While one news suggests Cena will face Styles during SummerSlam, another news from Sportskeeda says that Cena is “penciled in” to face Jinder Mahal for a WWE Championship during a pay-per-view.

Although Mahal reportedly was winning over WWE officials early on in his WWE pretension reign, concern over TV ratings could force WWE’s palm and outcome in Mahal dropping a pretension to Cena during SummerSlam. Mahal is behaving superbly as champion and is approaching to continue removing a pull due to WWE’s enlargement in India, yet Cena is WWE’s biggest draw and has already proven to assistance a blue brand’s ratings in a dual weeks he’s been back.

If Cena beats Rusev and Mahal beats Randy Orton during Battleground as many people expect, we can approaching take that as a transparent denote that WWE will book Cena as “the ultimate American” vs. Mahal, “the immorality foreigner,” as a SummerSlam categorical event. The suspicion is that Cena as WWE Champion will outcome in improved business in all aspects for a blue code and that pairing him opposite Mahal can emanate some-more seductiveness in Mahal’s rather muted pretension reign.

Either way, Cena seems to be unequivocally highlighting his nationalism as partial of his argument with Rusev, and that’s approaching been finished on purpose to set adult a adversary with Mahal as a 1980s-like categorical eventuality feud.

Baron Corbin Cashes In His Money In The Bank Briefcase

Credit: WWE/Twitter

Credit: WWE/Twitter

If Cena beats Rusev and goes on to face Mahal during SummerSlam, here’s a approaching scenario: Cena beats Mahal and afterwards Baron Corbin immediately cashes in his Money in a Bank briefcase to kick Cena for a WWE title.

In fact, recent betting odds prove that Corbin has a second best odds, behind usually Cena and Styles, to turn a subsequent WWE Champion, and there have prolonged been rumors that Corbin would shortly be cashing in on a tip babyface and that Cena is a likeliest option. With Mahal not indispensably abounding as WWE Champion as many as association officials hoped he would, fast transitioning a pretension to Cena and afterwards to Corbin could now freshen up SmackDown’s main eventuality picture.

The blue code has struggled to say a unchanging observation assembly during Mahal’s pretension reign, and yet he’s widely approaching to kick Orton during Battleground, his time as champion could be using out. As WWE moves into a fall, where TV foe is worse than it is now, WWE will approaching wish to concentration on engagement Cena in a vital storyline in sequence to keep fans around.

Cena’s highway to that storyline starts during Battleground, where a feat over Rusev could put him in primary position to start his tour behind toward a WWE Championship and a tip of a label on SmackDown.

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