Would Golden State Warriors Rather Play Utah Jazz or LA Clippers in 2nd Round?

    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    Answer: Because indicate God Chris Paul is a best actor a Warriors can face in a second round.

    Floor ubiquitous Chris Paul’s run of 9 uninterrupted All-Star Games competence have been snapped by damage this season, though his opening was chosen by any measure. He paced a whole joining with an 8.10 genuine plus-minus, per ESPN.com, and hold top-10 rankings in box plus/minus (8.6, third) and actor potency rating (26.2, tied for eighth).

    Somehow, a 31-year-old has unclosed an additional rigging for a second season. His counting categories are adult opposite a house (27.0 points and 10.4 assists from 18.1 and 9.2 respectively), and his potency numbers have soared along with them (34.3 PER from 26.2, 53.1 field-goal commission from 47.6).

    In other words, L.A.’s array necessity isn’t on him. The Clippers have managed a plus-15 with him on a justice and a minus-15 without.

    “Chris needs help,” Rivers told reporters. “Other guys need to step adult and measure for us.”

    That need won’t simply go away, though conjunction will Paul’s production. If he’s figure adult a league’s third-best defense, is a No. 2 section something he couldn’t handle? Logic says no, and story agrees—Paul has strike 50 percent or improved from a margin in 4 of their past 5 matchups.

    The Clippers had a top-five conflict this season—albeit mostly with Griffin—that could be necessitated to stop a Warriors. And there are adequate bad shot-makers on L.A.’s register to perplex a Golden State group that hasn’t indispensable to find most mental restraint to this point. Add postseason knowledge to a mix, and maybe a Clippers sensitively have some engaging mixture for a upset.

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