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Michael Phelps and Erik Vendt had one of a all-time good races in swimming with both guys removing underneath Tom Dolan’s WR in a 400 IM during a 2002 US Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Michael Phelps celebrates. Photo Courtesy: George Olsen / Swimming World Archive

This was Phelps’ initial time violation a WR in a 400 IM and a second WR of his career. He was 17.

He swam a 4:11.09 to get underneath Dolan’s 4:11.76 from a 2000 Olympic Games. Vendt was second, also removing underneath a WR with a 4:11.27.

Phelps would go on to mangle a 400 IM WR 7 some-more times in her career. To this day, he has hold on to a WR in that eventuality given primarily violation it here in 2002. It now stands during a 4:03.84 set during a 2008 Olympic Games.

“I knew it would come down to a final stroke,” Phelps told Swimming World at a time, “that whoever got his palm on a wall initial would have a universe record. And we hatred to lose. we usually hate to lose.”

Vendt’s comments were similar. “I knew whoever won a foe would get a universe record,” Vendt pronounced during a time. “This was a best foe ever, and I’m happy to have finished my best time by over dual seconds.”

“We move out a best in any other,” Phelps said.

Phelps and Vendt went on to go 1-2 during a 2004 Olympic Games in Athens dual years later.

Race Results

  1. Michael Phelps, 4:11.09
  2. Erik Vendt, 4:11.27
  3. Tom Wilkens, 4:17.05
  4. Kevin Clements, 4:18.59
  5. Robert Margalis, 4:20.62
  6. Brendan Neligan, 4:22.85
  7. Eric Shanteau, 4:24.23
  8. Eric Donnelly, 4:24.28

Swimming World’s Phillip Whitten wrote during a time:

This was a one everybody was watchful for. This was a foe about that Michael Phelps pronounced yesterday, “Erik and we have something special for we tomorrow.” And as they left a Ready Room, a dual good friends and extreme rivals incited to any other and said; “Let’s give them something to hearten about.”

They did. In spades. But strangely, a hush of expectation extended by a initial 100 meters, a throng clearly holding a common breath. When Phelps strike a wall during 55.97, a throng erupted, and a entertaining usually grew louder.

Vendt finished his fly leg in 58.57 – right where he wanted to be.

As expected, Phelps extended his lead by roughly a second in a backstroke, branch in a mind-boggling 1:59.38. In 1964, Don Schollander became a initial male to mangle dual mins for 200 meters freestyle, going on to win 4 bullion medals during a Tokyo Olympics and apropos a many renouned contestant of a ’64 Games. And here was Phelps, swimming 1:59 for 100 meters of fly and backstroke…on his approach to a 400 IM.

But Vendt is zero if not one of a toughest competitors on a planet. And he came attack back, bursting an implausible 1:10.87 and picking adult 3 seconds on Phelps as a ability throng was on a feet, screaming.

And Vendt wasn’t done. On a initial 50 meters of a freestyle leg, Erik indeed took a lead from Michael, branch during 350 meters with a lead of 14-hundredths of a second.

But Michael was distant from through. He pushed off a wall, doing 6 discerning underwater dolphin kicks, and was behind in front. With 25 meters to go, Erik had hauled his opposition in, once again, and retaken a little lead. “I yet we had it then,” Vendt pronounced later. So did most of a crowd.

That’s when Michael dug deeper and inched ahead. The dual group surged for a wall, and it was a 17 year-old phenom who strike a pads first.

The throng erupted…and a entertaining went on and on.

World Record Progression (last 15 records)

  • 4:17.41, Alex Baumann, CAN (1984)
  • 4:16.12, David Wharton, USA (1987)
  • 4:15.42, Tamas Darnyi, HUN (1987)
  • 4:14.75, Tamas Darnyi, HUN (1988)
  • 4:12.36, Tamas Darnyi, HUN (1991)
  • 4:12.30, Tom Dolan, USA (1994)
  • 4:11.76, Tom Dolan, USA (2000)
  • 4:11.09, Michael Phelps, USA (2002)
  • 4:10.73, Michael Phelps, USA (2003)
  • 4:09.09, Michael Phelps, USA (2003)
  • 4:08.41, Michael Phelps, USA (2004)
  • 4:08.26, Michael Phelps, USA (2004)
  • 4:06.22, Michael Phelps, USA (2007)
  • 4:05.25, Michael Phelps, USA (2008)
  • 4:03.84, Michael Phelps, USA (2008)

History of a Hall of Fame Aquatic Center in Fort Lauderdale

In 1926, one of a misfortune hurricanes on record sucker-punched Broward County, murdering an estimated 325 people and call Fort Lauderdale’s mayor to announce martial law. It also paved a approach for a city to welcome a thought of Commodore Auylen Harcourt Brook, who believed compelling swimming and a building of a “concrete pond” would fuel a bum internal economy and assistance reanimate a area.

The Fort Lauderdale Sentinel supported a thought of a bond issue, and on Jun 28, 1927, proclaimed: “With such a bath house, a glorious beach, now particularly popular, will turn distant some-more renouned and a genuine captivate in sketch visitors to a city, both summer and winter.”

Estimated to cost $90,000 and criticized for costing $130,000, a Las Olas Casino came to be deliberate one of a city’s best ever investments.

Fort Lauderdale Casino Pool; Photo Courtesy: Calis Publishing Company

In Nov 1961, a Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) of a United States released a ask for proposals from cities meddlesome in hosting a National Swimming Hall of Fame. Fort Lauderdale saw this as an event to reinstate a aging Casino Pool and to emanate “the informative item of a museum that outlines one of a biggest traditions of a city.”

In early 1962, Mayor Burry, after consulting with Florida’s Governor, Farris Bryant, combined a “Mayor’s Swimmers’ Hall of Fame Citizens Committee” that enclosed a whole City Commission and 30 county leaders. On Nov 9, 1962, a City Commission unanimously approved”

“A fortitude indicating that a City of Fort Lauderdale is meddlesome in substantiating a trickery famous as “The Swimming Hall of Fame” in a City of Fort Lauderdale and is in a position to benefaction a skeleton therefore.”

On Nov 27, 1962, a AAU unanimously comparison Fort Lauderdale’s bid over a bids of Houston and Louisville.

The success of a International Swimming Hall of Fame as a motorist of mercantile growth did not go neglected by other cities. By a mid-1980’s, as other cities emulated a instance and as new standards were developed, a city satisfied it was time to ascent and reconstruct a whole complex.

After dual years of construction, a newly renovated trickery non-stop in Aug 1991, to horde a USA Swimming National Championships with dual new universe annals set.

Over a years, a International Swimming Hall of Fame Aquatic Complex has been one of a city’s primary attractions by sketch inhabitant and general media courtesy by a competitions, exhibitions, conferences and a singular one-of-a-kind museum that has brought Presidents, Senators, Princes and celebrities to this city for roughly 50 years.

On Jul 10, 2018 a Fort Lauderdale City Commission certified staff to negotiate a design-build agreement for a renovation of a Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center with Hensel Phelps Construction Company in a not-to-exceed volume of $27,000,000.

Hall of Fame Aquatic Center restoration refurbish as of Aug 14, 2019; Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross

Construction association Hensel Phelps was awarded a design-build agreement on Aug 21, 2018 formed on their possess industry and a pattern criteria package in a City’s Request for Proposals surveying specifications, mandate and 30% schematic designs. At a same City Commission meeting, a Commission certified a new 30-year lease with a International Swimming Hall of Fame museum.

The new franchise agreement and modernizing of a metropolitan pool trickery will revive Fort Lauderdale’s station in a rival swimming and diving universe by stability a good tradition of nautical sports, that will heighten a internal village and enthuse new generations of swimmers and divers.

New elements of a pool trickery pattern embody a new categorical foe pool (53m X 25m), a new diving pool (25m x 25m) and dive building with 5 height levels and mixed 1m and 3m springboards, a new spa, enlightening pool and grandstand building with witness restrooms, concessions, sheet office, and steel bleachers to accommodate 1,500 spectators. Repairs will be done to a existent training pool (50m x 25y) with new filtration, surfacing and gutters. Additional site improvements will embody new aspect parking and drainage system, new track lighting, landscaping, sidewalks, and a new categorical entrance plaza. The restoration of a men’s and women’s locker bedrooms will be addressed underneath a apart charge sequence for pattern services regulating a pattern organisation from a City’s stability services contract.

Artist’s delivery for a Fort Lauderdale Hall of Fame Aquatic Center renovations; Photo Courtesy: Hensel-Phelps

The City has recently budgeted an additional 2.7 million dollars to embody a 27 scale diving high building that will be a usually one in a western hemisphere.

Proposed 27 scale diving tower; Photo Courtesy: Hensel-Phelps


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