Without defensive stops, no 17th Alabama football National Championship

Looking behind during a Alabama football descent blast opposite Georgia, it was usually probable since of second half and overtime Tide defensive stops.

In a science of Alabama football, a 17th inhabitant championship will always core on Tua to Smitty to glory. It was a  good call, executed with glorious precision. The memory of that play will stir hearts for generations.

But it so simply competence not have happened. What will be shortly lost (if not already) are a defensive stops that preceded it. Without those second half and overtime stops, there is no 17th Alabama football National Championship.

Let’s examination how good a Crimson Tide invulnerability played in a final 20:15 and overtime of a championship game.

Third Quarter:  Georgia 20 – Alabama 10

Georgia takes possession at 5:15 on a possess 40-yard line. After 6 plays and net 22 yards gained, a Bulldogs punt. Key Defensive Plays: Nick Chubb for 1-yard loss, tackle by Rashaan Evans; Jake Fromm run for 1-yard loss, tackle by Mack Wilson; Jake Fromm incomplete to Riley Ridley, shielded by Levi Wallace.

Third Quarter: Georgia 20 – Alabama 10

Georgia takes possession during :08 on a possess 10-yard line. After 7 plays and a net 28 yards a Bulldogs punt. Key Defensive Plays: on 2nd-and-3, Chubb for 1-yard loss, tackle by Mack Wilson; on 3rd-and-four, Fromm sacked for 9-yard detriment by Raekwon Davis.

Fourth Quarter: Georgia 20 – Alabama 13

Georgia takes possession during 9:20 on a possess 14-yard line. After 3 plays and a net 9 yards a Bulldogs punt. Key Defensive Plays: on 1st-and-10, Chubb for 1-yard loss, tackle by Rashaan Evans and Quinnen Williams; on 3rd-and-2, Michel for 1-yard gain, tackle by Da’Ron Payne and Isaiah Buggs.

Fourth Quarter: Alabama 20 – Georgia 20

Georgia takes possession during 3:44 on a possess 21-yard line. After 3 plays and 7 yards a Bulldogs punt. Key Defensive Plays: deficient passes to Riley Ridley and D’Andre Swift.

Overtime: Alabama 20 – Georgia 20; Georgia gets 1st possession

From a 25-yard line, Georgia runs 3 plays for a net detriment of 9 yards. Georgia kicks a margin goal. Key Defensive Play: Jake Fromm sacked for 13-yard detriment by Terrell Lewis.

The rest of overtime and a Tide’s 2nd-and-26 heroics will always be revered. The win was done probable because, on Georgia’s final 5 security in a game, a Bulldogs usually scored an overtime margin goal. The final 3 of those security were three-and-outs.

An Alabama defense, maligned for a play opposite Mississippi State and Auburn redeemed itself. First by holding Clemson to 6 points in a semi-final and final by holding Georgia to 3 points in over 20 mins of play.

The 2018 Alabama football invulnerability will need an uncharacteristic rebuild. How good that reconstruct is achieved will establish if 2018 will embody championship dreams.

After a month of celebrating an Alabama football championship victory, it’s time to pierce on to 2018. The offseason is prolonged though Bama Hammer will keep it filled with Crimson Tide information.

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