With only one day left to expel your votes for 2018 Pro Bowl, that Raiders warranted your vote?

We are on a eve of a cutoff for fan Pro Bowl voting, so if we feel strongly about who we consider is honourable of a mark on a roster, time is using out to make your voice heard.

As a fan, we substantially tend to expel many or all your votes for those on your team. But, if we’re being honest, not all of them are estimable of being selected.

As of dual weeks ago, a customarily Raiders actor who led a votes during his position was Marquette King. His altogether numbers are still among a best during his position, yet after some severe games, including recuperating from a groin injury, he is no longer heading in any specific category. It’s Titans punter Brett Kern who leads a AFC in both normal yards per punt and net yards per punt. King is second in net yards per punt (43.0). King also has a second many touchbacks (6) in a league, that is not a stat we wish as a punter.

Khalil Mack is customarily a protected bet. The reigning Defensive Player of a Year has 8.5 sacks on a deteriorate including a pouch in 4 true games. Though his QB hits are approach down with usually 18 on a season. Where Mack destroys each other pass rusher in a diversion is in his run support. No actor in a joining with during slightest 7.5 sacks has some-more tackles than Mack’s 62. And with his stream pouch pace, he can simply strech or transcend a 11.0 pouch sum he had final season.

His pass rush partner Bruce Irvin is on an even some-more heat gait of late. Irvin has 5.0 sacks a past 3 games to give him 7.5 on a season. One some-more pouch will give him a career high and his career idea of 10.0 sacks on a deteriorate is within reach.

The line has not played scarcely during a turn they did final season, though one could disagree that left ensure Kelechi Osemele — an All Pro final deteriorate — and core Rodney Hudson are still a same players, usually in a bad situation. Even with a struggles in a run game, they are still superb in pass protection.

Tight finish Jared Cook has been a Raiders’ best receiver this season. His 621 receiving yards are fourth in a AFC among parsimonious ends. He’s 138 receiving yards divided from a new career high. Averaging 47.8 yards per game, he can do it too.

Derek Carr has had a down deteriorate for a many part. He’s not in a tip 4 in any difficulty among AFC passers. He has still had some moments and is in a tip half in many categories among 15 AFC starting QB’s with during slightest 300 attempts. He’s 5th in flitting yards (2942), 7th in touchdown passes (18), 6th in initial downs (144), 7th in initial down commission (34.3%), and 6th in completions over 20 yards (37). In box you’re curious, he’s now 8th in passer rating (88.8) and good next his 96.7 rating final season.

Cordarrelle Patterson deserves care as a flog returner. His 29.0 yards per lapse leads a NFL among those with during slightest 12 returns. Though he’s returned usually 14 kicks this deteriorate since teams have not been kicking to him. Opposing teams have kicked to him usually one time over a past 4 weeks. That’s how most they honour his lapse abilities. They’d rather take a margin position from a adult male or a touchback.

Other longer shots embody NaVorro Bowman, Gabe Jackson, and TJ Carrie.

In my perspective those are a customarily players on this Raiders group that have warranted even a discuss in a Pro Bowl conversation.

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