With assistance from Shaquille O’Neal and others, fundraiser in memory of Lisa Domnarski for new Palmer lane passes $90,000 in donations

PALMER — From city residents to late basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, everybody is chipping in to make Lisa Domnarski’s final wish come true.

Domnarski died after a tumble from a stable on a family plantation in July. Afterward, her husband, Matthew Domnarski vowed to follow by with her dream of giving behind to a city that brought them together by replacing Palmer High School’s deteriorating track.

“Part of it’s for Lisa, partial of it’s for me, partial of it’s for a town,” Matthew Domnarski said. “It’s only good all around.”

On Jul 24, Domnarski started an online fundraiser with a idea of $500,000. Within a initial 72 hours, it lifted over $60,000. Today it has gained over $85,000 from scarcely 1,500 donors. With additional donations done during Country Bank, a sum is over $90,000.

Last week, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal gave $2,500 — a biggest particular grant nonetheless — sparking a resurgence in donations.

Domnarski went to propagandize with someone who works for O’Neal, and he pronounced that is was expected brought a fundraiser to O’Neal’s courtesy by shares on Facebook.

“As a former veteran athlete, Mr. O’Neal recognizes a significance on carrying adequate apparatus to comprehend one’s intensity in athletics, and also in each aspect of life. Palmer deserves … functioning equipment,” a minute from O’Neal’s government said.

Lisa Swist and Matthew Domnarski ran lane in high school, and a Palmer lane is where they initial met. Over 30 years later, they have dual sons who have gifted a consequences of an unsound track, from tripping in potholes to not being means to have home meets. The integrate always discussed a probability of appropriation a improved track.

Domnarski is carefree a fundraiser will strech a idea with a solid tide of donations from people and incomparable businesses. The fundraiser ends Sept. 6, that would have been Lisa Domnarski’s 51st birthday.

“I wish to spin a fundraiser into a 501c (nonprofit) so that incomparable businesses can present and they can have them deducted on their taxation returns,” Matthew Domnarski said. He combined that he is articulate to a vast classification about a probable donation, though zero has been finalized.

Asked if a lane will be remade or transposed if a fundraiser does not strech a goal, Domnarski pronounced that it is not adult to him.

“That’s adult to a jaunty executive and a propagandize to decide,” he said. “They would have to form a cabinet and plead it, and listen to a voters.”

Domnarski pronounced his concentration now is on gripping adult with work on a farm, while friends take assign of lifting a income by offered T-shirts and formulation events.

T-shirts will be sole Saturday during a Hardwick Community Fair Road Race, that a Domnarskis used to attend in.

And on Aug. 24, Tailgate’s Tavern in Palmer will minister 25% of all deduction toward a fundraiser.

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