Winter Olympics give USA Curling height to boost interest

STEVENS POINT –  You’ll have to forgive Kim Nawyn if her days are a small some-more chaotic than normal in a friendly bureau that’s home to USA Curling in Stevens Point.

There never seems to be adequate hours in a day to accommodate a final in her purpose as executive of expansion and development for a inhabitant organization.

Such is life in a curling village during a year when a Winter Olympics are held. All eyes in this nation were focused on Pyeongchang County, South Korea.

It means crazy times during USA Curling. Not that Nawyn or her co-workers are complaining.

“We always see a boost in numbers of people expressing seductiveness in a competition surrounding a Olympics,” Nawyn said. “It’s one of a times when people see curling on a extended scale.”

Curling grabbed a courtesy of a infrequent as good as a revolutionary sports fan in a United States in February.

And they witnessed story being done in South Korea. The United States brought home an Olympic bullion award in curling for a initial time.

John Shuster, a skip of a USA men’s team, became a cult hero. A relatable figure who could pass for a celebration friend some-more than an Olympic athlete.

“A bullion medal is invaluable. we consider we’re saying even some-more seductiveness in curling now this year given of a fad of a bullion medal,” Nawyn said. “There would always be an uptick in seductiveness during an Olympic year. Once we got on a mount with that bullion medal, a seductiveness has unequivocally left up.”

USA Curling wants to pounce on a newfound popularity.

The latest total supposing by a inhabitant organisation note there are approximately 16,500 curlers during 165 curling clubs in a United States.

There is no time like a benefaction to send those numbers relocating upward. To lift even some-more recognition about a sport. To enhance curling to each dilemma of a country.

“We feel this is a good event to get a competition to a American public,” pronounced Nawyn, who utliized a monthly newsletter constructed by USA Curling to consult clubs about a best approach to get a word out and boost appearance and interest.

“We’ve combined broadcast-quality commercials for clubs to use on their websites or on internal radio stations. We’ve done a lot of work with a inhabitant media to get a bullion award group on a media tour.”

Already a tack of winter recreational activities in a Upper Midwest, a time is right to settle clever footholds in other areas.

Atlanta is fast apropos a hotbed of curling. The Phoenix area is also fasten a craze.

Since a Olympics, a flourishing series of clubs have found it formidable to find adequate ice time for a demand.

At a Georgia Peachtree Curling Club, 3 additional leagues have been added. Corporate and private outings have become more popular. A girl joining was forced to place a top during 24 when 80 kids showed up.

In Tempe, Arizona, more than 100 people have assimilated a curling bar given a Olympics.

“We’ve seen so many illusory stories already and not usually in a incomparable communities though smaller communities, too,” Nawyn said. “We’ve seen 500 to 700 people join ‘Learn to Curl’ programs. A lot of folks have come into curling given a Olympics.”

Since 2011, Nawyn forked out 20 curling dedicated comforts were non-stop in a United States easy 90 sheets of ice.

In addition, a larger series of multiuse comforts with hockey and figure skating are opening their ice for curling.

Just 8 years ago there were usually 10 multiuse comforts charity curling in a U.S. Today, that series is 73 and rising, a 630 percent jump.

With some-more comforts comes some-more opportunities to knowledge curling.

“The good thing about curling is we can flattering most start during any age. We see them from 6 years aged to good into their comparison years,” Nawyn said. “We’re really saying some-more adults step on a ice for a initial time.”

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