Wimbledon Tennis 2016 Women’s Final: Early Serena Williams US Open Predictions

Serena Williams combined nonetheless another record to her considerable collection on Saturday, winning her seventh Wimbledon pretension with a two-set improved of Angelique Kerber to tie Steffi Graf’s Open-Era record of 22 Grand Slam titles.

As common by Sky Sports News HQ, she now has her eyes set on Margaret Court’s all-time record, a symbol that has stood given 1973 and many believed would never be equaled, and this year’s U.S. Open will give Williams a ideal possibility to tighten a opening to only one title:

The 34-year-old has already won 6 titles during Flushing Meadows, including 3 true between 2012 and 2014. And while final year’s contest finished in unsatisfactory fashion, with a semi-final improved during a hands of Roberta Vinci, she’ll once again be a strenuous favourite going into this year’s U.S. Open.

Williams appears to be removing improved with age, evidenced by her illusory 7-5, 6-3 win over Kerber on Saturday. Kerber, who kick Williams in a final of a Australian Open, put together a clever challenge, flashing her extensive defensive ability.

Ben Curtis/Associated Press

The German scored a handful of fantastic points and done Williams conflict for each shot, though it did not matter. A singular mangle in a initial set was adequate to put Williams on a trail to victory, and she finished a pursuit with some absolute groundstrokes in a second set.

Liam Canning of a Daily Mirror was in astonishment of what he saw:

Williams’ serve, that has mostly been her categorical debility in a past, was arguably her tip arms during this year’s tournament. Time and time again, a universe No. 1 erased mangle chances for her opponents with aces or intelligent outward serves, including a final, where Kerber couldn’t gain in a seventh diversion of a second set.

Wimbledon’s quick grass suits Williams’ power-based personification style, and per BBC Sport’s Piers Newbery, she told reporters Centre Court is a special place for her: “This justice unequivocally feels like home, we have a compare after currently in a doubles, so I’ll be behind out.”

But a tough courts of Flushing Meadows should also fit her well, quite if her offer binds adult a approach it has of late. Kerber only about matched Williams in a rallies, though there are few players in women’s tennis who can, and even that wasn’t enough.

Ben Curtis/Associated Press

There aren’t that many long-lived contenders who customarily plea for each singular Grand Slam in a women’s diversion right now, with many of a tip players opting to specialise in a certain surface―like Garbine Muguruza, who clearly feels many gentle on clay.

And even a unequivocally best and many unchanging players frequency take a quarrel to Williams, per ESPN Stats Info:

It’s unfit to cause in form or injuries, as a U.S. Open won’t start until late August, though as of right now, there’s no transparent hazard to Williams, as prolonged as she can keep adult this turn of play. One vital barrier could derail her query for a 23rd Grand Slam title, however: a Rio Olympics.

The combined aria of nonetheless another contest in a center of a year will import on a veteran, who won’t reason behind one bit in Rio. In an talk with Nick McCarvel of USA Today Sports, she talked about a significance of a Olympic games and how other athletes are not travelling to Rio in fear of a Zika virus:

It’s substantially one thing we have that we adore a most. For me, we demeanour during a Olympics as a reward opportunity.

I consider for me, a many critical thing is believe and protection, to know what I’m going into. It is unequivocally one of a best practice that I’ve ever had. It’s formidable for someone that is in a competition like golf since their categorical goal, like tennis, is to win Slams.

I don’t know if they’re blank out … we mean, everyone’s knowledge is different. My knowledge has been unequivocally extraordinary during a Olympics.  we unequivocally desired going out there and competing, unequivocally just, we know, station out there and being an Olympic athlete.

Winning a Grand Slam is formidable adequate as it is―winning it shortly after competing in a Olympics, hold in a pleasant location, while some of your categorical competitors have uninformed legs is even harder.

But unless someone stairs adult in a large approach or Williams finally starts to uncover her age in a entrance months, it’s tough to see anyone denying her that 23rd Grand Slam.

Prediction: Williams continues her excellent form during Flushing Meadows and moves within a singular pretension of Court’s record.

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