Will Packers have new Pro Bowl players in 2017?

David from Madison, WI

You contention your postgame story after a tough game. Will we see a concomitant sketch before publication?

Not until later. As shortly as we send a diversion story, I’m on to my subsequent story.

Michiel from Brussels, Belgium

Hey Insiders, my initial time posting a doubt and I’m a bit scared. My hermit is DB/ST manager on a Division 1 group in Milano-Italy. They recently played a Italian play yet sadly could not repeat after not losing a diversion given a start of final season. But, Calvin Johnson was there to put a diversion round on a domain and after a diversion we got his autograph. As a lifelong Packer fan we felt bad removing an designation from a Lion, yet as a European we don’t get many chances for autographs from NFL players and he was utterly a player. Am we criminialized from Packer fandom now?

You’re forgiven. Megatron will be a Hall of Famer. We’re all football fans first.

Mark from Winfield, IL

Insiders, Vic used to fun (??) that his healthy hair tone was brownish-red and he painted it that overwhelming grey. How about we guys doing that for a while? we cruise it competence assistance with my transition. I’m carrying difficulty vouchsafing go.

My graying hair is like Cousin Eddie’s Hamburger Helper. It does usually excellent by itself.

Blake from Dallas, TX

I beheld in a “Packers.com via a years” photos, there was an essay about a Browns’ enlargement breeze and it remarkable they didn’t take Reggie White or Robert Brooks, who were both apparently available. Seems like a story there; do we have any insight?

In Feb. 1999, when a enlargement breeze was held, White had usually won NFL Defensive Player of a Year for a second time, yet he had hinted during retirement (and did) before entrance behind to play one some-more deteriorate in Carolina in 2000. He was also 37 during a time, not accurately a building retard in an enlargement draft. Brooks was entrance off a behind damage in 1998 and hadn’t late nonetheless yet would 6 months later.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

If there is a indicate in a deteriorate where a Packers come to a flare in a road, cruise they will take it?

That’s what I’m articulate about.

Michael from Wausau, WI

If we could collect a Packer actor who needs a year or dual as a jar on a shelf, yet will be a big-time actor after that time frame, who would it be?

I’ll go with Jason Spriggs.

Geoff from Eagle River, WI

Cobb has got to be improved x2 this year, right?

If he’s healthy, we cruise he will be. But he has to stay healthy. we demeanour for a vast year from Cobb.

Paul from Pawleys Island, SC

Loved Ron from Virginia’s regard about “y’all” – he nailed it! As a WI transplant who has now lived half my life in a south, I’d like to indicate out that a WI equivalents are “youse guys” (singular) and “youse guyses” (plural).

I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life and will proudly state I’ve never used possibly of those phrases.

Scott from Grafton, WI

Isn’t a 50 percent probability during dual points improved than a 95 percent probability during one indicate early in a game, mathematically speaking?

Only if we can pledge that my second try during a two-pointer, should we destroy on a first, will work. Math is fun, yet it can’t make something happen.

Dave from Saukville, WI

During a Ron Wolf tenure, were a football analysts blaming him for a Packers’ underachievement like they are blaming Ted Thompson?

Not in a same way, yet he took a lot of feverishness for a Ray Rhodes hire, that he certified was a mistake after one year, and he late reduction than 5 years after a back-to-back Super Bowl trips.

Derek from Rhinelander, WI

When was a final time that a Packers DIDN’T have a actor with a J’d initial on a team? A.J., B.J., T.J., JC… we feel like we need to pointer one.

I don’t know given we felt compelled to demeanour this up, yet afterwards it usually got weird. It started in 2005, before A.J. Hawk was drafted, yet found punter B.J. Sander. Then in ’04, there was QB J.T. O’Sullivan. In ’03, linebacker T.J. Slaughter played in one game. In ’02, WR J.J. Moses seemed in dual games. So we cruise a answer is 2001, yet linebacker K.D. Williams and “KGB” were on a register then, that is usually one minute off.

Steven from Frisco, TX

Guys, Mark Murphy suggested that a change to a league’s revenue-sharing process could impact a team’s ability to sojourn tolerable in a mini-market of Green Bay. we find that tough to trust given a faithfulness of a fan base, a season-ticket wait list that will camber decades, and a further of a Titletown district. How would we see such a unfolding of a finish of a revenue-sharing process causing a Packers to relocate, play out?

I don’t. A change to a NFL’s indication for pity inhabitant income would be a doomsday unfolding for a whole league, in my opinion, so we would cruise a probability intensely remote. Of a Packers’ $441 million in income in a final mercantile year, $244 million was inhabitant income from a pool common equally among all 32 teams. With Green Bay in a tip half of a joining in sum revenue, a process change would impact other teams some-more than a Packers in a brief term, yet a impact on any group not in a vital market, or yet a newer stadium, would be outrageous over a prolonged run.

Eduardo from Queretaro, Mexico

Hey guys, I’ve been reading a mainstay for a while, initial time we make a question. If we could select one divided diversion to go to this season, that one would it be and why?

Pittsburgh. It’s a place a Packers revisit usually once any 8 years, and Roethlisberger and Rodgers have not left head-to-head given Super Bowl XLV. Plus, we’ll have a pep convene there.

Jacob from Port Huron, MI

Will there be a pep convene in Detroit this year?

Sorry, no. The others are slated for Dallas and Carolina.

Carrie from San Jose, CA

Does a order prohibiting some players from participating in OTAs indeed accomplish anything? I’m all for education. In fact, we wish some-more college football players were means to finish their degrees. But my bargain is that many players take a whole open division off to ready for a combine. If a NFL were critical about education, wouldn’t it do something to residence a mix rather than incidentally holding behind some players who usually happened to go to a propagandize with a non-traditional schedule?

You have a floor. we have no additional comment.

Connor from Murray, UT

Hey guys, good pursuit by a way. we will be going to a Dec. 3 diversion opposite Tampa Bay and we have been seeking around for recommendation on how to stay comfortable if it is a cold one. Someone told me to move card to mount on. Is that real?

Styrofoam works improved and my mother swears by it. Anything to yield a small aegis between your boots and a cold petrify helps. It unequivocally does.

Matt from Roanoke, VA

There has been a lot some-more hum around Dupre than Yancey. we review where Dupre is some-more pro-ready out of a gate. Any thoughts on this?

Dupre stood out some-more in OTAs, yet those are over now.

Greg from Danbury, CT

Geez, Wes, we know we could have simply deleted a story instead of tossing a whole laptop? Just sayin’ for subsequent time.

I fished out a laptop. My kids appreciate him.

Ryler from West Bend, WI

Will a Packers take their spin in a general array and play a Rams in London 2018?

I cruise it’ll be possibly a Rams in ’18 or a Chargers in ’19, given a track conditions in Los Angeles.

Lee from Marshfield, WI

Hey Insiders, a past few years GB has seen it all with injuries to any position, bad bounces, missed calls, distressing losses, Hail Marys, yet child has it been entertaining. What is a prominence of 2017 going to be?

I don’t wanna know. we wanna watch.

Ben from De Pere, WI

With Driver going into a Packers HOF this weekend with a series of receiving records, it got me wondering that annals does Jordy have a shot to break?

Let’s do a math. Nelson has 497 catches to Driver’s 743, and 7,366 yards to Driver’s 10,137. If he can normal 80 catches for 900 yards any of a subsequent 3 years, he’ll be right there. It’ll come down to health, we think. Hutson’s TD record of 99 isn’t totally out of reach, either. Nelson has 63, so that’s 3 years of a dozen each. Tougher, yet not impossible.

Chris from Chicago, IL

Hey Insiders, do we guys have to splash yourselves once in a while when we cruise about what we get to do for a living?

I don’t splash myself, given connoisseur propagandize and 8 years of covering high propagandize sports were no travel in a park, yet I’m beholden for my pursuit any singular day.

Hugh from Sioux Falls, SD

Mike, do we cruise Vic will quit examination a diversion from a reporter’s indicate of view? Will he even wish to do so in a initial place? Should he do so, it certain would be fun to hear what he has to contend as “just a unchanging fan” once or twice.

It’s not a switch we can spin on and off. Even when we watch a Milwaukee Brewers or Wisconsin Badgers diversion on TV, for example, my mind is always operative on angles and structure to a story. It’s how we watch games. Occupational hazard.

Tony from Shanghai, China

One day, we was walking along a Bund in Shanghai wearing my Packers windbreaker. As a family walked by me going a other direction, a father yelled, “Go Pack!” We’re everywhere.

The location-related mentions that have come by a Inbox in a final integrate of days have been interesting, yet not surprising. China and New Zealand were a many outlandish places.

John from Yakima, WA

In that area of city was a gas hire located where Vic scarcely froze to death? Will be flitting by Green Bay in Jan and wish to equivocate Vic fate.

There’s a Steelers’ “Terrible Towel” unresolved from that pump, that we can see as partial of a “Ketchman Reality Tour” I’m devising.

Tyler from De Pere, WI

“The Packers will have an edge-rusher not named Nick Perry or Clay Matthews finish with during slightest 5 sacks.” And his name is Jayrone Elliott. Flashes in a vessel and a one-year infer it agreement is all this child needs.

Fackrell or Biegel could be a guy, too. The Packers will need impact from all 3 behind their tip two.

Josh from Pullman, WA

I desired a confidant predictions yesterday! Please, concede me to make my possess for Insider Inbox. The Packers will have 3 new Pro Bowl players this year, yet nothing of them will play in a game.

I see what we did there, and I’ll make my suggestions usually to play along – Bulaga, Daniels and Perry?

Jesse from Menifee, CA

Jeff from Miami asked about how many states and countries have sent in questions to a Insider Inbox. This reminded me that Vic mentioned, a few years ago, that he would put a pin in a map any time he beheld a doubt came from someplace new. Is that map still removing new pins? Did he take it with him? Or was it usually a map in his head? we suppose that a map is pinned to a vast cork house made in Skokie, Ill., and a good story is being told.

We had an novice one year who worked on a digital map with a pins. The subsequent novice did not resume a project. So it goes.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Mike, did we ever cruise of creation Wes wear a motion-sickness patch on highway games so he can do his satisfactory share of a workload? It’s a tough business for tough people, right?

A patch wouldn’t assistance a bad soul. When we see what he looks like on some of a train rides, we wouldn’t wish to trade places with him for anything.

David from Coeur d’Alene, ID

I can sympathize with Paul a mathematician as we am a polite operative and a foolish observant that gets me is, “He is a downhill runner.” Like giving 110 percent, this is unfit on a well-laid-out football domain that is flat. The usually approach a actor can run “downhill” would be to run to a sidelines on an outside domain as they have a slope to empty sleet away. we have no suspicion what a word is ostensible to meant anyway. Anyone can run “downhill,” it takes a unequivocally fit chairman to run “uphill.”

I hear we on a foolish phrases, yet we cruise in scouting parlance “downhill runner” refers to a man who’s always picking adult speed, even when he cuts, not negligence down. It indeed creates some sense, yet we cruise it’s stale by articulate heads who can’t cruise of anything else to say.

Josh from New Berlin, WI

Maybe this is a asocial thought, yet we don’t cruise it is picturesque to design a group to start quick and continue to build movement over 20 games. In 2010, a Packers started delayed and built movement en track to a Super Bowl win. In 2011, they started quick and mislaid movement en track to a local playoff loss. Every deteriorate given afterwards has followed a identical pattern. So, we wish to be prohibited entering a playoffs, but, this year, Rodgers also wants a quick start. How does a group conduct both yet stinking it adult in October-November?

You can’t have it all, yet we cruise when Rodgers talks about a quick start, he can meant opposite things. In one sense, he means preventing dual waste in September, a tough early barrier in 2012, ’13 and ’14 a Packers truly overcame usually once. Avoiding that builds a domain for blunder in a playoff seeding race, and afterwards we demeanour to get prohibited late. In ’15, a 6-0 start gave them cushion, yet they weren’t prohibited late. Last year, a Packers had dual waste in their initial 5 games and afterwards mislaid all domain for blunder by Thanksgiving. This year, Rodgers competence privately have Weeks 1-2 tip of mind given of a opponents and intensity playoff tiebreakers. He wants to be during Lambeau in January. So do I.


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