Will Drafting A Pro Bowl Receiver Be Ozzie Newsome’s Last Hurrah?

It was a final doubt of Wednesday’s pre-draft press conference.

How frustrating is it for General Manager Ozzie Newsome, one of a highest-regarded breeze gurus in a NFL, to have not comparison a No. 1 far-reaching receiver?

The idea that far-reaching receiver has been a blemish on The Wizard’s breeze record has circulated Baltimore for years.

Newsome and a Ravens might be means to get one this April, as Clemson’s Mike Williams, Washington’s John Ross and Eastern Michigan’s Corey Davis could be accessible during collect No. 16.

Breshad Perriman, could be on his approach to apropos a No. 1 wideout, though he’s not there yet. Perriman is an instance of how it can be tough to find that elite-level wideout in a draft.

Baltimore took Perriman with a No. 26 collect in a 2015 draft. The receiver that has had a many success out of that class, Amari Cooper, went to a Oakland Raiders during No. 4 overall. Often, a best of a best prospects during receiver are left good before a Ravens come on a clock.

“The loyal franchise-type guys customarily go really high in a breeze and they customarily have a singular skillset. The Calvin Johnsons, a Julio Jones’s, those kind of guys are customarily a biggest guys, a many bomb guys, they customarily have really clever hands,” Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta said.

“We kind of know that, unless we have a bad team, you’re substantially not going to get that form of actor in a draft. Those guys are rare. They’re world players; there are usually a few of those guys on a planet.”

With that said, DeCosta did concur that there are “elite-level” far-reaching receivers that come after in a draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown was a sixth-round collect in 2010. The Indianapolis Colts’ T.Y. Hilton was a third-round collect in 2012. They’re exceptions, though they’re out there.

“Those players exist,” DeCosta said. “We have not had as most success anticipating those guys for several reasons.”

But Newsome isn’t violence himself adult over it since top-notch far-reaching receivers can be found in a draft, and they can be found around giveaway agency. In a end, it doesn’t matter how they get on a roster.

Newsome has found success with far-reaching receiver signings of Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith Sr., Mike Wallace and some-more over a years.

“My pursuit is to build a best 53-man patrol and use all a resources, and a breeze is only a partial of it,” Newsome said. “When we collect adult other players like we have that have come in and contributed, I’m only as unapproachable of those guys as we am a breeze choices.”

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