Will Cristiano Ronaldo leave Real Madrid since of his Spanish taxation problems?

Happier times for Cristiano Ronaldo during Real Madrid? (Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Real Madrid megastar Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to shrug off a accusations done by a Spanish prosecutor that he used a bombard association to censor $16.5 million in delinquent taxes from 2011 to 2014.

“My demur is utterly clear, brother. Always, man,” Ronaldo pronounced Wednesday before he trafficked to Russia with a Portuguese inhabitant group for a Confederations Cup.

But now it appears that Ronaldo is, in fact, not during all happy. Three European publications — dual in Portugal, one in Spain — along with a BBC are stating that he’s so fed adult with a Spanish taxation authorities that he wants out of Real Madrid, for that he’s played given 2009 and helped lead to 3 Champions League titles, dual Spanish joining championships and a Copa del Rey in 2014.

“He feels he’s honest, has good impression and did all OK, so he doesn’t understand,” a source tighten to Ronaldo told a BBC’s Dan Roan. “He’s unequivocally unhappy and unequivocally upset.”

Here’s a A Bola front page from Portugal. Roughly translated, a headlines state: “RONALDO WANTS TO LEAVE SPAIN. The preference is irrevocable and he’s already told Real Madrid’s president. The world’s best is fed adult with a Spanish taxation process.”

According to Marca, a Spanish sports daily, Ronaldo feels as if he’s been “used as an instance in an astray and jagged way” by Spanish taxation authorities, even after he attempted to work with them to repair his taxation issues.

There aren’t that many teams that could means a four-time FIFA universe actor of a year, however, as Marca puts his send price and income during 400 million euros, or scarcely $450 million. England’s Manchester United, for whom a 32-year-old Ronaldo played from 2003 to 2009, and France’s Paris Saint-Germain are among a teams that could feet a bill, Marca says, along with Chinese pro teams looking to make a splash. According to a Independent, Paris Saint-Germain has prolonged desired a world’s highest-paid contestant and “held a series of tip meetings with him” about a send during a 2015-16 season.

Real Madrid stood by a star on Wednesday, saying in a statement that Ronaldo “will denote his finish innocence.” In private, a group is anticipating his mood will change with a thoroughfare of time, Marca reports.

As for Ronaldo himself, he’s not observant most during a moment.

Sometimes a best answer it’s to be still 🇵🇹

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