Why You Shouldn’t Expect To See Carl Edwards Back In NASCAR Anytime Soon

Why You Shouldn’t Expect To See Carl Edwards Back In NASCAR Anytime Soon

An coming seemed during Sonoma Raceway this weekend in a form of former NASCAR motorist Carl Edwards.

Edwards, who was during Sonoma to perform an superb sponsorship commitment, reportedly pronounced if he wants to lapse to NASCAR, Joe Gibbs would be a initial chairman he calls. Considering Edwards told reporters that he recently wrote Gibbs a note thanking him for ancillary him as a driver, and permitting him to travel divided when he wanted to, that call doesn’t seem likely.

“I’m substantially happier and some-more calm (than in January),” Edwards said, around ESPN. “You know how change is. You make a change, and there always is good and bad and there’s uneasiness. But, man, I’m enjoying life and it’s good.”

“Kyle Larson, is he heading a points? “That’s flattering cool,” Edwards said, according to ESPN. “That’s neat to see a man that apparently has a talent and was means to go out there and get things done.”

Despite enmity himself from NASCAR in his initial year of retirement, Edwards apparently still has kept in hold with his friends from racing, such as Steve Arpin, who competes in Red Bull Global Rallycross. Edwards told ESPN he doesn’t have any skeleton per a expostulate in Red Bull GRC, though it “would be unequivocally fun” to exam a GRC Supercar.

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