Why Tiger Woods will never locate Jack Nicklaus’ 18 vital …

Tiger Woods is once again blank a vital during this week’s U.S. Open after undergoing his fourth behind medicine in 4 years. This latest setback increases a series of rounds Tiger has missed (due to damage or missed cut) during a majors to 58 since branch pro, with 56 of those entrance in a final 10 years.

At a same age (41), Jack Nicklaus had missed a sum of 8 rounds in his career during a majors, and nothing due to injury. In fact, by a time Nicklaus won his 18th vital during a age of 46, he usually missed 15 rounds during majors with usually 3 of those due to injury. Those came when he was 43 years aged and was forced to repel from a 1983 Masters before a second round.

Which gets us to because Tiger lost his shot to locate Jack’s record of 18 career vital championships: He is only not giving himself adequate opportunities. Nicklaus’ magnitude of wins slowed down in his late 30s and early 40s. But he was out there each time and had some-more opportunities. Woods is not and there is no denote it will ever get better.

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