Why Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters win meant so most to one writer, who was, admittedly, entertaining from a pressbox

It’s mostly pronounced that Tiger Woods desirous a era of kids to get into golf, a fact reliable by a countless PGA Tour pros—including one of Tiger’s Sunday personification partners, Tony Finau—who indicate to Woods’ seminal opening during a 1997 Masters as their reason for personification a sport. Less talked about, though, is another organisation who has followed Woods into a game, and now literally follows him around courses all over a world: golf writers.

I am not Tiger Woods, like his famed Nike blurb states, nonetheless we am here given of Tiger Woods. Here covering golf, that is. Although my grandfather initial got me meddlesome in personification and examination a sport, Woods’ 12-shot frisk during a 1997 Masters was a initial time we remember screaming during a TV like we did during Knicks, Yankees, and Giants games. I’ve been bending on fist pumps and Sunday red since. After graduating from Wake Forest, where a men’s golf organisation was my kick during a propagandize paper for 4 years, my initial pursuit was a sports contributor during The Journal News in White Plains. There, we lonesome each high propagandize competition probable nonetheless was always drawn to golf. And Tiger. The many sparkling week of a year was removing to assistance out with a coverage of a Barclays during Westchester Country Club, even nonetheless Tiger had stopped personification in a eventuality by afterwards given he didn’t quite like a classical Walter Travis design. But in 2006, we got to attend my initial vital championship for work when Winged Foot hosted a U.S. Open—and we got my initial ambience of observant Tiger in person.

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I’ll never forget station on a operation (probably watchful to ask a actor what internal restaurants they like) when we sensed a hum of partial awe, partial adoration. we incited customarily as Woods walked right in front of me with that law steely glisten that ornate my bedroom wall in that renouned “The Eyes Have It” Nike poster. we indeed still have a poster, nonetheless my mother won’t let me put it adult on any of a walls. Although Woods wound adult blank his initial cut during a vital that week, it was an refreshing experience. we tell we all this because, during times, I’ll admit, as my colleagues know, it’s still formidable to conceal a Tiger Woods believer inside me. It became even worse as Tiger sealed in on a long-awaited—for him, and yes, for fans like me—15th vital pretension during a 2019 Masters.

By Sunday afternoon, we felt a identical hum to 2006, customarily amplified by tens of thousands of fans and 10-plus years of unexpected lost disappointment as Woods done his approach from a 18th immature to a Augusta National hall to pointer his scorecard after capping one of a many extraordinary and implausible wins in any sport’s history. we also couldn’t assistance nonetheless feel a hold of irony. It’s probable that outward of Tiger’s core circle, I’ve watched some-more shots of his than anyone. Not in person, nonetheless on TVs going behind to a boxy 27-inch Sharp in my parents’ groundwork in 1997. And yet, after examination his tee shot on 17 on a large shade in a media core and indeed using out to a march (I got scolded by 3 opposite guards), we didn’t see any of Tiger’s final 8 strokes. Not even a glimpse.

Instead, we was stranded amid a Pacific Ocean-sized sea of patrons, substantially all of whom were rooting for Woods and, distinct me, had no reason to be bashful in their support. There was copiousness of entertaining from these romantic fans, nonetheless there was also copiousness of red in a form of t-shirts, polos and even sundresses. “At slightest we’re close!” one male wearing a TW top exclaimed. True, nonetheless I’d feel a lot improved if we knew what a heck was going on. Then there was transformation adult by a large scoreboard. “OK, come on!” someone else shouted, nonetheless a perpetual wait continued as a male updating a numbers initial combined Francesco Molinari’s position after 17. Then Tony Finau’s. And then, finally, Tiger’s. A red 14 seemed and we would have suspicion a mob had customarily witnessed a first-ever hole-in-one on a 465-yard standard 4.

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My stomach was still churning, nonetheless we felt a small better. we could tell from a mob that Brooks Koepka had missed his birdie putt on 18 (Sorry, Brooks, nonetheless even your partner was substantially rooting for Tiger), and a scoreboard reliable that moments later. Being tighten was nice, nonetheless now we indispensable to find a place where we could indeed see … something. After clawing by a crowd, we found some space as we scampered behind toward a hall and eventually found my approach into an area by a club’s large ash tree that we could entrance with my media pass (there’s no inside-the-ropes entrance during a Masters). A few yards divided 5 hours before, a confidence guard—not a one who had incorrectly clipped Tiger’s ankle in a sand on Friday—took a low exhale and said, “Let’s go,” as Woods walked to a initial tee. Then we waited for one final roar, that came a few mins later. Only this one didn’t stop. And it got louder as Woods got closer until we finally saw him get congratulated by past champs and a day’s foes like Koepka and Xander Schauffele, before disintegrating to pointer his scorecard. we didn’t cheer, we didn’t applause and we didn’t cry, even though, full disclosure, we had pressed some tissues in my slot customarily in case. It would be until many after when we finally found out how those final dual holes unfolded (“Wait, he bogeyed 18?!” we remarked as we sat down for Woods’ winning press conference), nonetheless that’s substantially for a best. we would have been a pathetic mess.

I can’t assistance it, nonetheless I’m customarily cold in a media core and on a course. In fact, one of a photographers, J.D. Cuban prisoner a print of Tiger holing a fort shot to finish his second turn during a 2012 British Open and I’m ideally ease in a credentials (Not certain what we was meditative with that immature shirt).

J.D. Cuban

Talk about discipline. we consider J.D. also shot this beauty that we had mounted by my table in a aged office.

So yes, there were some pointed fist pumps and inside “Let’s go”s entrance from me and a few others in a behind quarrel of a media core during a final round, nonetheless zero to pull a madness of co-worker John Feinstein, who stood adult and scolded a organisation on a right side of a room for entertaining during one point. Most won’t acknowledge it, nonetheless everybody in that room was rooting for Woods on Sunday. Well, other than John. Perhaps a few people were channel a line of professionalism, nonetheless a late and mythological Dan Jenkins pronounced it was OK to base for a best story. And generally these days, Tiger is always a best story. we know Jenkins and Woods never had a comfortable and hairy relationship, nonetheless I’d like to consider that Dan’s suggestion was pulling for Tiger from a chair indifferent in his honour dual rows in front of me.

Dan positively was if he watched over a annual Golf Writer Association of America cooking that Wednesday. With all due honour to all a presenters and winners, Tiger’s five-minute acceptance debate for a Ben Hogan Award had been a prominence of a night—and a latest instance of a altered and some-more friendly man. Woods sounded so frank thanking writers for all a good things we’ve created that we felt bad about making fun of his jeans a few years ago (Even though, he deserved it). He also seemed a shamed man, who had left scarcely 11 years though winning a major. It had been so prolonged that we had watched his final such triumph, his epic playoff feat during a 2008 U.S. Open, in a opposite parents’ den, and on a somewhat incomparable TV than for that 1997 win. we was still vital during home afterwards and still operative during The Journal News. In fact, my trainer (rightly) hadn’t favourite my “attitude” that day when we was sent out to cover a lapse of a high propagandize ball organisation from a state championship in a core of that 18-hole playoff. Fortunately, we wrote quick adequate to get home for a finish. A outrageous print we snagged from a aged Golf Digest bureau of his iconic putt to force that playoff hangs in my home. Well, in a basement, interjection to a marital compromise.

And in that decade-plus camber since, a Masters has noted time for me as many as anything. In 2009, interjection to my grandfather’s long-held—but mostly scalped—weekly badges, we attended my final golf contest as particularly a fan (At least, until Golf Digest pushes me out a door). While watching/working from a Golf Digest bureau on a Masters Thursday dual years later, we got a harmful call from my mom that a dear Poppa Myers had upheld away. Seven years after that, my mother and we brought a initial and customarily child home from a sanatorium on Masters Friday. And now a following year … this? Really? A 43-year-old with a fused behind slipping a immature coupler on? Suddenly, this 37-year-old with a bound debt didn’t feel so ancient.

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When we got behind to a media core final Sunday, a golf fan in me was ebullient, nonetheless admittedly, a golf author in me was ill-prepared. How do we start to put something this large into words? Fortunately, we had pressroom legends like Dave Kindred and Feinstein to do that, while we pounded narrower, lighter topics like Tiger’s gum, Tiger’s green coupler plans and Tiger’s new presser terms (“Cush” is an present classic). Even on Twitter, we found myself customarily retweeting what everybody else was saying. The some-more we read, a some-more it sunk in. Previously, I’d witnessed some-more Woods WDs than wins in person. And a integrate of weeks before that Champions Dinner dual years ago when Woods told others he was “done,” I’d seen a shabby star cautiously travel into a Manhattan Barnes Noble for a book signing. At that point, Tiger apropos a rite golfer seemed to be a stretch. A lapse to being a vital champion? Unfathomable. So many so that it led to me doing a strain satire debating Tiger’s “Chances” before a tournament:

And like a child perplexing a reverse-jinx to assistance his organisation win, it worked. You’re welcome, Tiger.

A twice-delayed moody led to a altered moody and a lot longer outing home on Monday than anticipated. Not that any extended brush with a clouds could have knocked me off cloud nine. With no one in a residence on nearing and still prickly to unequivocally see how Sunday’s spectacle unfolded, we forsaken my bags during a doorway and immediately done my approach to a TV. No drinks, no snacks, customarily a remote in hand, we went by a behind 9 on DVR, fast-forwarding by a filler until we got to Tiger’s tap-in on 18. “Many suspicion we’d never see this again, nonetheless here it is,” Jim Nantz said. “The lapse to glory!” Chills.

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Then a CBS announcer didn’t pronounce for a subsequent two-and-a-half minutes, permitting instead for all those congregation to be listened as Tiger hugged his caddie, afterwards his son, afterwards his mom, afterwards his daughter. More chills. we badly wish my possess daughter to knowledge some of a thrills Tiger has given me, so we can customarily suppose what Woods felt winning in front of his possess family. After some-more hugs and “We did it!”s with a rest of his core circle, a now 15-time vital champ walked and “Woo!”ed his approach by a mob of fans, high-fiving several along a way, including scarcely holding off a palm of a male wearing a red shirt. “That will be a biggest stage in golf forever,” Nick Faldo remarked.

It’s positively a many noted stage I’ve ever been a partial of even if we didn’t have a best vantage point. And I’m so grateful to have been there—mostly as a golf writer, nonetheless also as that Tiger fan who was desirous by that 12-shot frisk 22 years ago. After following his career both from distant and adult tighten all that time, we waited 24 some-more hours to finally, entirely hearten Woods winning a 15th major. And I’ll be a initial to admit, we indispensable those tissues.


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