Why Nick Young Makes Sense On The Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have sealed adult their championship core, and are now looking to supplement reinforcements to their All-Star-laden cast. Among a names a Dubs are targeting? Former Lakers swingman (and unashamed chucker) Nick Young, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

At initial blush, Young on a Warriors sounds zero some-more than provender for late-night basketball Twitter. You can already suppose a common freakout a initial time Young shoots a contested 3 instead of flitting to a wide-open Stephen Curry during a tip of a key. But as some-more than usually a meme, Young could indeed be a really effective signing for Golden State.

The Javale McGee/reclamation angle is tempting, though Young already began repair his repute final season. Swaggy P played good for a Lakers underneath Luke Walton, sharpened 40.6% from three, his best symbol given 2010. Perhaps some-more importantly, Young also showed signs of life on defense, competing on that finish improved than he has for many of his career. That Young bought in to Walton’s complement is already a certain pointer for Golden State, deliberation Walton’s tie to Steve Kerr.

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And a Warriors could use Young’s offense off a bench. Andre Iguodala’s sharpened was unsure final season, and Pat McCaw doesn’t have a same animation to his diversion as Young. Swaggy P could take a place of Ian Clark, who played superbly in singular mins for a Dubs, though also lacks a x-ray intensity of a actor like Young.

For Young, a advantages are widespread. He can follow a ring on a group that will be complicated pretension favorites. He will advantage on a justice with a engorgement of open looks combined by his Hall-of-Fame teammates. And if he signs a one-year, “prove it” deal, he can re-enter a marketplace subsequent deteriorate with a postseason heat and explanation he can be an item to a good team. Young is apparently still seen as a bit of a knucklehead in some corners of a basketball world, though personification for a group that’s title-or-bust tends to move out a veteran in everyone, even a fun-loving patrol such as Golden State.

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Ultimately, Young fasten a Warriors creates clarity for both sides. Golden State can take a possibility with a low-risk, high-reward understanding for a actor who has always had substantial descent talent. Young can shake off a notions that he’s usually a chucker and infer he has value to a pretension contender, while potentially environment himself adult for a bigger payday down a road. In an off-season filled with furious transactions, this one would indeed be comparatively tame.

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