‘Who a fook is that guy?’ Jeremy Stephens now has an answer for Conor McGregor

It took roughly a year to a day. But Jeremy Stephens has finally clapped behind during Conor McGregor. And it was all value a wait.

On Thursday, about 51 weeks given McGregor burnt him epically during a press conference, Stephens had a ideal quip to “Who a fook is that guy?” Stephens posted to Twitter a design of him posing with McGregor’s mother. The heading review simply: “#YourMomKnowsWhoDaFook” with a span of emojis thrown in for fun.

McGregor let lax with one of a best lines in UFC press discussion story in Sep 2016. At a UFC 205 presser during Madison Square Garden, Stephens, who was fighting Frankie Edgar on a same label as McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez, interrupted a doubt acted to McGregor.

When Stephens was done, McGregor paused, incited somewhat around and spoken a now iconic phrase.

“Who a fook is that guy?” McGregor said.

The line has followed Stephens given then. Just take a demeanour during a replies on his Twitter and you’ll see it used often. And not only for Stephens, either. MMA fans have done a gif and meme, to be used whenever someone comes adult in a title that they hold to be insignificant.

Now, though, Stephens, who is entrance off an considerable feat over Gilbert Melendez during UFC 215 progressing this month, can take condolence in a fact that he has clapped behind in comparatively considerable fashion.

Your move, Conor.

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