White Sox Reportedly in Search of DH Options, Not Interested in Matt Kemp

The White Sox are in a marketplace for a DH though there’s no justification to advise they have seductiveness in Matt Kemp Jon Heyman writes.

The Chicago White Sox are looking for designated hitter help. However, there’s zero suggesting they would trade for Matt Kemp Jon Heyman writes. If they go with an inner option, Matt Davidson might have a inside track. The giveaway representative marketplace has been delayed so it is still probable they pointer someone before open training.

The Dodgers acquired Kemp in radically a income dump with a Atlanta Braves this offseason. When a trade happened many speculated if Kemp would sojourn in a Dodger uniform. The Sox had seductiveness in Kemp though as Heyman notes, that was prolonged ago. It’s good to see a group not looking to acquire players past their prime, that was a hallmark of one Kenny Williams.

Furthermore, it might not make financial clarity to have someone like Kemp. He’s due to acquire $21.5 million in 2018 and 2019. The 33-year-old had a good deteriorate with 19 home runs and 64 RBIs while batting .267 in 2017. But He’s not value a cost tab and that’s a lot to compensate a DH.

Matt Davidson strike .220 with 26 home runs and 86 RBIs. He is significantly cheaper than a aforementioned Kemp. If Davidson can have identical prolongation and boost strike batting average, he creates a most improved option. The group could also demeanour to a outside.

With a delayed giveaway representative market, a lot of guys sojourn unsigned. One of those, Logan Morrison, could simply slip into a DH mark for a White Sox and also gangling Jose Abreu during initial base. The 30-year-old strike .246 with 38 home runs and 85 RBIs for a Tampa Bay Rays final season. Hahn might be means to get Morrison to pointer for reduction due to a delayed offseason.

The risk is Morrison’s 2017 was a dermatitis deteriorate for his career. Prior to that, his best home run sum was 23 in 2011. It’s also a usually other time he’s strike over 20 home runs. You’re signing him anticipating he can transcribe his prolongation in 2018 though what happens if he doesn’t? That’s because a Sox might be heedful of charity him a multiyear deal. However, he is a maladroit bat and could find success in hitter-friendly Guaranteed Rate Field.

The Sox have some time to figure out a DH mark though Davidson might merit a shot. Another deteriorate of growth and some-more personification time could be large for him. He was once a tip awaiting though has rather faltered. 2017 was rather of a explanation that maybe this man has some talent. So it might be value giving him a shot and see what he can do with another full deteriorate during a big-league level. After all, a Sox might not be most good so it will give them a possibility to see what guys like Davidson are done of, and let them confirm if there’s a destiny for them in Chicago.

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