When perplexing to envision a Spurs’ subsequent breeze pick, demeanour West …

Early May isn’t typically a time for Spurs fans to be eyeing breeze boards, yet that’s where many competence find themselves right now, introspective what immature square could be a partial of that subsequent good squad. There are a lot of directions to potentially go — a organisation has a handful of free-agent and retirement decisions still pending, they could substantially use another big, they struggled sharpened a ball, and afterwards there’s a whole Kawhi thing — yet here’s one half-baked speculation from where that indistinguishable chairman competence come from.

The Spurs possess a 18th collect in this year’s draft, that is technically a top they’ll have comparison given 1997 if we don’t count appropriation a rights to Kawhi Leonard (15) on breeze night. For a consequence of this article, though, we will be counting a Leonard collect — both since it compulsory all a task and risk-taking of any other preference and (more importantly) since it leads into a indicate we wish to make.

Since a Kawhi breeze in 2011, a Spurs have used 5 some-more first-round picks. Two went to abroad prospects (Nikola Milutinov and Livio Jean-Charles) and a other 3 were domestic: Kyle Anderson, Dejounte Murray, and Derrick White.

The former organisation is mystic of how we’ve typically suspicion of a Spurs as talent hunters, scouring a creation for a subsequent Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. It worked into a wider thought of a PATFO hive mind always exploiting a market’s inefficiencies, as a joining played catchup in valuing and evaluating general talent. But Milutinov competence never come over from Europe, and Jean-Charles unhappy in his dress operation dual seasons ago, his guaranteed income entrance off a books this summer.

More importantly, a joining has changed. While there’s no reason to consider a Spurs can’t lift it off again (Davis Bertans worked out OK), teams are smarter, and there’s some-more coverage of gifted abroad teenagers than ever before. As a result, it’s value wondering if a Spurs’ proceed has changed. Which brings us to a latter group.

One possibility, formed on new history: PATFO is profitable some-more courtesy to a homegrown kids who are personification while many of a East Coast, including a swath of inhabitant media that prominence college talent, is sleeping.

To recap: Leonard was during San Diego State, Kyle Anderson during UCLA, Dejounte Murray during Washington. Playing his final deteriorate during Colorado, Derrick White wasn’t technically on a west coast, yet his propagandize was in a PAC-12, that still had him on a radar of west-coast scouts. The Spurs competence have also had Utah’s Kyle Kuzma queued up, had a Lakers not taken him during 27 (Utah is also in a PAC-12).

These could be coincidences. One breeze consultant we spoke to pronounced that many teams have informal scouts in many areas, and it would take a special code of Spurs Exceptionalism to assume they’ve got a improved review on a cube of a nation than 29 other teams. And even if we perform this West Coast Corollary Theory, there’s adequate randomness during play on breeze night to make presaging a collect in a late teenagers any some-more than a crapshoot.

Still, it competence give us a starting indicate for a players a front bureau could be evaluating right now. If they finish adult going with a Troy Brown (Oregon) or Chandler Hutchison (Boise State), we competence have a improved thought of how a front bureau has looked to develop and stay a half-step forward of a league.

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