When Shaq Attacks: Shaquille O’Neal’s 6 Best Rap Moments

Shaquille O’ Neal’s rap skills should come during no warn to any basketball fan. Back when he played for the Orlando Magic in a early ’90s, Shaq spent his giveaway time in a studio with a squad of hip-hop legends. From A Tribe Called Quest to Ice Cube to cyphers with a Wu Tang Clan’s Method Man and RZA that he organized, rap’s many distinguished stars have concurred and reputable The Diesel.  

Last week, The Big Aristotle came out of retirement to call out a Big Baller Brand owner and boisterous basketball dad, Lavar Ball in a diss track. Produced by Bink!, Shaq fires shots during Ball while brillantly flowing over a Anthony Hamilton-sampled “Mama Knew Love.” Even after a 20-year hiatus, O’Neal’s wordplay has Ball feeling a after effects of a “Shaq Attack.”

Despite fixation his microphone down in preference of his radio gig on TNT’s Inside a NBA, Billboard takes a demeanour behind during some of Shaq’s most noted moments on a mic. 

Take a listen below. 

Song: “You Can’t Stop a Reign” Featuring The Notorious B.I.G.

Best lines: “I pile-up flights on sights of my enemies/ I’m comin through, and afterwards we explosve your whole vicinity”

Shaq knew that he would go down in story as one of a usually NBA players to integrate adult with The Notorious B.I.G. in a studio. Nearly a year before he met his passing in ’97, Biggie threw down a integrate verses on a pretension lane of his third studio LP You Can’t Stop The Reign. There was no room for candy bars or common rhymes on this record. With a vital cosign from Bad Boy Entertainment’s resplendent star, Shaq done certain that he could keep adult with a illest MC of their time.

Song: “Strait Playtin'”

Best lines: “We can cut by a red fasten and bust by a fakers/ Keep your eye on large Shaq and put your income on a Lakers.”

Although a East Coast grown his rapping skills, Shaq let West Coast gangsta swat change his budding song career by joining adult with Warren G on his second manuscript Shaq Fu: Da Return. In ’96, Shaq forsaken his third manuscript You Can’t Stop a Reign, that enclosed a strike singular “Strait Playin’.” The record had Compton created all over it, interjection to DJ Quik’s prolongation and sharp bars. However, Shaq used a funky, civic instrumental to repute his new group and home in L.A to a fullest. 

Song: “Where You At” Featuring Phife Dawg

Best Line: “I’ve got insane props so because would we exploit/Punch we in your face like that child from Detroit”

Shaq’s entrance manuscript Shaq Diesel had a few noted annals constructed by Ali Shaheed Mohammud. So it wasn’t tough to get a late Phife Dawg to chuck down a hymn or two. “Where You At?” is a slight curtsy to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Check a Rhime.” Instead of mouth-watering Q-Tip into a cypher, Shaq takes his place and responds to Phife’s doubt in a hook: “Yo Shaq, where ya at?” asks Phife. “Phife, I’m over here,” Shaq replies. If Q-Tip and Jarobi White had indeed assimilated in on this record, it competence have been a bigger understanding than it is today. 


Song: “No Hook”

Best Lines: “So here me comes! Quick to kick we down Like a RZA on a drums!”

When we integrate with a RZA, all artistic control is out of a question. For his second manuscript Shaq Fu: Da Return, Shaq strike a studio with a Wu-Tang Clan’s master writer and one of a stand-out MCs, Method Man, for “No Hooks.” Unlike his other records, Shaq didn’t need to make adult a familiar offshoot given he had Staten Island’s excellent lyricists throwing down torpedo bars. They simply said, “We don’t need no hooks” in between any verse. As a rudimentary track, it set a singular tinge that saved only how special Shaq’s second manuscript was to a song industry. 

Song: “Men of Steel” Feat. Ice Cube, KRS-One, B-Real Peter Gunz

Best Lines: “Next MC that explain to keep it real/ Shaquille gon’ pound ’em with a mil”

Shaq made certain to move his A-game when he linked adult with a host of legendary rappers on “Men Of Steel.” Despite being surrounded by heavyweights like Ice Cube, KRS-One, B-Real and Peter Gunz, Shaq binds his possess and even drops several crafty lines.

Song: “LaVar Ball Diss Track”

Best Lines: “Watch your mouth, don’t ever step outta line/ Shaq O’Neal, bro – biggest of all time” 

Even in 2017, Shaq thinks it’s improved to understanding with all beef in a booth. The sports media celebrity brought Shaq Diesel out of retirement only to let Ball know who a strange large baller in a NBA is, and that he’s nowhere nearby Shaq’s turn of greatness. Shaq warns Ball not to “step outta line,” though if it happens again, Shaq will have to uncover him who a genuine G.O.A.T. is. 

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