What’s wrong with Carl Edwards Jr.? Cubs reliever says ‘it happens’

9:26 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO — Chicago Cubs reliever Carl Edwards Jr. believes — make that knows — his violent time on a pile will pass. And he’s not going to give in to his struggles, nor will his manager “run divided from him.”

“It happens,” he pronounced on Monday before a Cubs played a San Francisco Giants. “You demeanour during it. There aren’t too many guys that are going to go by this diversion perfect. There was never a suspicion in my conduct that we was going to go a whole year and not have a scuffle. That’s all that’s going on right now. we have copiousness of time to make adult for it. we feel like I’m still there mentally, focused and everything. Guess it’s only my time.”

His time came adult in a bad approach over a weekend when Edwards bottomed out, giving adult a grand impact to Washington Nationals catcher Matt Wieters on Sunday, after conflict a male to force in a restraining run. It’s all been partial of some incomparable struggles, that go behind to before a All-Star break. Since Jul 1, Edwards has a 6.92 ERA, while walking 14 in 13 innings pitched. In his mind, it’s not mechanical, it’s not mental, it only is.

“I know myself improved than anyone,” Edwards stated. “What I’m going to do is only go out there and only conflict guys. No some-more nibbling, perplexing to be a ideal guy. I’m only going to put it out there. If they strike it, they strike it. If we get divided with it, we get divided with it. If they strikeout, they strikeout. I’m not going to vigour myself.”

And conjunction is his manager. Joe Maddon stands resolutely behind Edwards — even if some fans are jumping off a bandwagon. But that doesn’t meant Maddon is preoccupied to a situation, as he’ll try to give a righty a breather before throwing him behind into a fire. Edwards didn’t representation on Monday and competence not on Tuesday, and subsequent time he does, it’ll be discerning — during slightest that’s a plan.

“When guys are struggling, get them in and get them out,” Maddon said. “This is one of a best immature service pitchers in a National League. … He’s had a integrate tough moments. It happens to each good reliever. Stuff-wise, it’s tough to kick his stuff. we have not mislaid any certainty in him.”

Even with his struggles, a antithesis is conflict only .142 off Edwards this season, though it’s those walks that have harm him a most. Maddon has talked to a reliever and is assured Edwards is not violence himself adult too much, nor does he have that deer-in-headlights demeanour in a clubhouse. He’s some-more dynamic than down.

“When a round leaves my hand, we know a 9 guys behind me have my back,” he said. “I’m good. I’m kind of happy this is function right now. I’ll be fine.”

Maddon added: “A large partial of a success relocating brazen this year and in a destiny is formed on him and his abilities. I’ve seen all good relievers go by these moments. All a good ones I’ve ever had. What we do is keep throwing him out there like a good shooter in basketball, and he’s going to be fine. He only needs that subsequent good impulse to get him right again.”

When that impulse will come is anyone’s guess. The emanate isn’t his struggling, it’s that it’s lasted some-more than a few days. But a Cubs are still assured he’ll lapse to form earlier rather than later.

“Hitters go by slumps, pitchers go by slumps, managers go by slumps, writers go by slumps,” Maddon said. “I adore a guy, positively adore him.”

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