What we can learn from Case Keenum’s star spin and what’s next

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If we happened to be examination football with some reduction eager football-watching members of your family on Thanksgiving, we substantially had to explain who accurately Case Keenum was as a Vikings quarterback sliced adult a Lions. Maybe your aunt remembered Keenum from his time in college or your brother-in-law in Los Angeles saw him start a Rams diversion final deteriorate with 35,000 of his friends. Nobody would have looked during a Thanksgiving line-up before a deteriorate and figured we would be articulate about Keenum a following day.

Case Keenum leads Vikings over Lions, solidifying NFC North grip

Case Keenum had one of his improved statistical games this season, and a Thanksgiving win in Detroit also qualifies as one of his many complete.

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  • Here we are, though, and it’s not to speak about a 29-year-old as a peep in a pan. Keenum has been one of a many fit and effective quarterbacks in football this season, and yet we competence design a actor with Keenum’s lane record to cold off after a few games, he is indeed removing hotter. Two weeks ago, a Houston product dominated conflicting Washington before throwing dual late picks, that led to conjecture that Teddy Bridgewater would shortly retrieve his starting role. In a dual games since, Keenum has thrown for 562 yards and 3 scores yet an interception, good for a 110.0 passer rating and an opponent-adjusted QBR of 89.2.

    With each week Keenum continues to play during a high level, it seems some-more and some-more approaching that a once-undrafted giveaway representative will be means to keep personification this good for a residue of a season. Keenum has spin one of a many fascinating stories of this NFL season, and his opening hurdles or clarifies a lot of a theories you’ll hear to explain maestro football. Even if Keenum does tumble behind toward a container and give approach to Bridgewater, there’s a lot to learn about a football star from his purpose on a 9-2 Vikings team.

    Let’s run by a few of a Keenum arguments here before we take a demeanour during his future, both inside and outward Minnesota.

    Coaching matters

    It’s revelation that a dual biggest quarterback surprises of a 2017 deteriorate were on a same organisation final deteriorate and didn’t play unequivocally well. Keenum began his 2016 debate as a starter for a Rams before giving approach to initial altogether collect Jared Goff. Keenum was mediocre, and Goff was worse. The disproportion in their total numbers from 2016 to 2017 is truly staggering:

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