What should a Cubs do with Carl Edwards Jr.?

MLBTradeRumors projects a $1.4M settlement income for CJ entering a 2019 season.

He’s tranquil by 2022 (!).

For active relievers with 150 IP over a final 3 years, Carl:

owns a 10th top K%
owns a 2nd misfortune BB%
allows a 15th top Soft%
owns a 8th best fastball / 5th best curveball by run value
owns a 13th top SwingingStrike%

He’s wild, induces a high series of strikeouts and soothing contact, and has dual really good pitches. He’s also been maddeningly unsuitable and it certain feels like a bullpen is primed for a revamping. So what should a Cubs do with CJ?

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