What should Conor McGregor do now? Rest a lot, afterwards go behind to featherweight

Heading into UFC 196, Conor McGregor boasted of all his big-money options. After submitting to Nate Diaz Saturday night, however, all those options have whittled down to customarily one — and it isn’t a fun one.

Before losing to Diaz, McGregor taunted a featherweights underneath him that they had improved do something special to acquire his participation behind during a class. 

The Irishman spoke like a male who was truly anticipating to be finished with 145 pounds. Take a demeanour during corresponding photos of his weighing in during 145 pounds in Dec and his weighing-in during 168 pounds final Friday, and there is small consternation why.

McGregor during UFC 194 and 196 weigh-in, respectively. 

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC around Getty Images

McGregor looks terrible weighing-in during featherweight. But it’s that weight category that he fights best.

And after losing to a lightweight, during welterweight, however, he’s finished himself a non-factor in dual groups during once. It was a outrageous gamble for McGregor, and a gutsy Irishman deserves credit for trying.

Unfortunately for him, a gamble close down career possibilities instead of opening adult new ones. Now he has to urge a belt he wanted to leave behind if he wants to continue to be a headliner.

The customarily large quarrel left for McGregor during this impulse is fortifying his featherweight universe title. He’ll have to eat a lot reduction after publicly enjoying steaks for a past few months.

He’ll have to exceedingly evaporate himself. But, if he can do it, McGregor will have another income fight.

At a UFC 196 post-event presser, McGregor sounded quiescent to going behind down to 145 pounds.

“It’s a cut, though I’ve always finished it,” he said.

“I consider subsequent substantially go behind down and urge my featherweight crown.”

But first, he should make certain to rest. A lot.

McGregor (like Diaz) has now fought twice in a past dual months. That isn’t healthy, period.

Just a few weeks ago McGregor spoke of a cautionary story of Chad Mendes. Mendes was rocked and harm badly by McGregor in their Jul fight.

Then he jumped right behind into a quarrel this past December. McGregor pronounced that Mendes should have complacent his concussed head.

Instead, he got knocked out by Edgar. Now, he’ll substantially never be a same.

McGregor should have until Dec before he’ll have to urge his featherweight belt, again. He won it in Dec and, historically, champions are customarily given about a year before being nude of their belts or carrying an halt tab combined due to inactivity.

McGregor should take a subsequent 4 to 6 months divided from anything differing to let his expected concussed conduct rest. After that, he can try removing behind into tough training and scheming for a pretension shot.

Time will tell if McGregor is intelligent adequate to take a recommendation he gave to other fighters like Mendes and Aldo, or if a vigour of a UFC’s hype and money-making appurtenance will get to him and remonstrate him to come behind earlier, make some some-more cash, and risk some some-more of his health.

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