What Real Madrid Fans Really Think of Barcelona Star Lionel Messi


Barcelona and Real Madrid are apparent for being outrageous rivals, both in Spanish domestic football and on a European theatre for a biggest trophies, and that adversary between a sides has mostly spilled over to a terraces in tasteless fashion.

From deriding players who cranky a sequence from one organisation to a other to belittling a antithesis fanbase, a subsidy lane to El Clasico can be a inhuman harangue of abuse from Los Blancos fans to Barca stars and clamp versa.

But where to pull a line between apparent support of your possess team—and so natural, excusable berating of a opposition—and respecting a talent on show, if not fondness it, in a antithesis lineup?

To find out customarily how fans conduct that argument, if during all, we initial asked Barcelona fans what they truly suspicion of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo; now a roles are topsy-turvy and it’s Real Madrid’s supporters’ spin to give their views on Lionel Messi.



While a fans’ viewpoints are a whole basement for a investigation, supporters do come in all types: a casual, a committed, a inequitable and a blinded. It’s a tough call to collect out that opinion belongs to any group, so a best proceed is to collect as many viewpoints as probable to offer a consensus.

Real fan and author for UEFA and AIPS, Sonja Nikcevic, gives us her views on Messi as a actor and how he integrates into a side.

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“Messi moulds with a organisation he is personification for, roughly disappears within it and becomes a core, nonetheless he does need to be accommodated by pronounced organisation in sequence to perform his best—as a series of Argentina matches have shown.

“This is not to contend that he doesn’t have master particular performances; he does, like a new Clasico, nonetheless reduction so than Ronaldo who stamps his celebrity and management on any organisation he plays for. In a way, a organisation becomes Ronaldo-esque, negatively or positively.”

It’s an engaging idea: Can Messi spin a team, given Ronaldo enforces one to spin him? Is that a disproportion in their approach, their affability or their personality? What’s undoubted is Messi’s ability though, not just in possession either.

“It’s customarily when we watch Messi live nonetheless that we see how shining his transformation is,” Nikcevic continued. “He unequivocally is a whirring engine of Barcelona.”

It’s not customarily transformation off a ball, of course, where Messi is noticed. Marca‘s Rahul Kalvapalle compares a Argentinian’s ability to a fable of yesteryear—but not a one he’s customarily mentioned in a same exhale as, and indeed one Real Madrid fans would know of.

“I find he’s a lot some-more identical to Real Madrid fable Alfredo Di Stefano than Diego Maradona, given of how finish his skill-set is. Messi is a best dribbler I’ve ever seen and apparently a illusory finisher, nonetheless in new years, he’s also spin unbelievably good during aiding and orchestrating.

“But it’s critical to indicate out that Messi has played for a same organisation his whole life, and for many years that happened to be a many widespread organisation of a complicated era.

“Overall, Ronaldo hasn’t had that spin of peculiarity around him in a years given he came to Spain in 2009, so his weight has been greater.”

Social platform

Real Madrid have one of a many followed competition presences in a amicable media world, and maybe unsurprisingly they have a really outspoken fanbase online.

Big success, large players and big-money deals tend to all attract outrageous believer levels, along with huge expectations—so a large amicable standing can work both ways, utterly when formula aren’t going so well.

With courtesy to Messi, they aren’t bashful about vouchsafing their feelings be famous in a buildup to a Clasico fixture or indeed during it, and there were positively a operation of opinions sent in over a Argentinian No. 10. Not all are utterly suitable for a try to offer a offset preference of views, nonetheless it’s satisfactory to contend that honour and appreciation of Messi’s ability can representation extravagantly among Real fans.

Of course, a few were wholly happy to uncover their Real Madrid colours nailed resolutely to a pillar and small else.

The infancy positively fell to center ground, applauding Messi’s inherited ability while descending brief of charity undisguised plaudits or mentioning a token beating or viewed miss in his game.

Given Messi has won mixed Ballon d’Ors and is regarded by some as a excellent ever, though, there were also a healthy few responses that simply remarkable a Barcelona man’s greatness.

It’s a grey area among football fans, applauding a member of a team’s biggest rivals, and maybe some-more so when a twin are head-to-head battling for a joining title…and a fans in doubt have seen a noted miss of success on that front in new years. 


Ongoing battle

Just as when we sought views of Ronaldo, there’s always a comparison from one to a other. It’s as if a normal methods of measuring success and ability simply don’t ring this duo, who can customarily be rated opposite any other.

Real Madrid fan Sully Khan is totally wakeful of that—and in astonishment of how a twin are means to respond to any other and lift their diversion in turn.

“We’re sanctified to declare them,” he says. “Only final month, Cristiano hits a 100-goal symbol all time in a Champions League, Messi responds and breaks a hearts of Real during a Bernabeu, afterwards Cristiano responds again with a hat-trick opposite Atletico…insanity, diversion after game.

I know they contend they don’t, nonetheless they really expostulate any other on.”

Nikcevic records a same, while also charity a suspicion that their particular styles could meant larger longevity for Messi.

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“The apparent disproportion that everybody mentions: Messi is pristine talent while Ronaldo is pristine work and determination, creation both of them, in their possess ways, a best in a world.

“I consider that in a prolonged run this does meant that Messi will be means to stay during a tip of his diversion for longer, given he puts reduction aria on his physique than Ronaldo does.”

Whether that earthy disproportion in their diversion reflects a longer-term ability to impact during a top spin or not, it’s certain that we’re set to see copiousness some-more nonetheless from both players, who have shown even as recently as a past integrate of weeks a mesmerising gusto to expand particular form to urge organisation results, on a biggest of stages.

Real Madrid continue a quarrel in a Champions League, Barcelona are entertainment a quip in La Liga—and it’s both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who have again played starring roles for their clubs, either a antithesis fans always wish to acknowledge it or not.

All quotes performed first-hand. Thanks to Sonja, Rahul and Sully.

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