What is going on with Rusev?

Will Rusev Day see a success it deserves?


Rusev Machka?
Rusev Machka?

Rusev has been one of a many over characters on WWE ever given his categorical register entrance in 2014. He went on a uproar on a categorical register defeating Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Big E, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Big Show, Sheamus and John Cena, usually to name a few. These were all marquee PPV bouts (Sheamus was on a network-exclusive Raw for a US Championship). This strain finished during WrestleMania after being degraded by a male he kick during Fast Lane 2015, John Cena.

Even yet Cena didn’t get a purify win (Rusev was dreaming by Lana), Rusev never became a same again. We can’t charge that to Cena, given each winning strain comes to an end, and we need to have someone like John Cena to finish it, given he is one of a usually plausible characters to kick it. However, what WWE did with Rusev after his module with Cena is a base means of all a problems.

Rusev was put in a terrible quadruple adore angle with Summer Rae, Lana and veteran feverishness torpedo Dolph Ziggler. This angle was positively dreadful, yet genuine life events done it 10 times worse for Rusev. After Summer Rae had due to Rusev in storyline, TMZ reported that Lana and Rusev got intent in genuine life, even yet they had separate on television. After Lana reliable this on her Instagram, WWE had Summer Rae verbally eviscerate Rusev’s character, as we can see in a video below.

Rusev has been in a doghouse ever since, operative a tail finish of 2015 and start of 2016 as Roman Reigns’s personal defeat child as partial of The League of Nations. At WrestleMania 32, a garland of late wrestlers came and broken a fast for a inexpensive pop. After that, a fast shortly disbanded.

Things seemed to improve, as Rusev became a widespread US Champion again, yet that prevalence did not final long. Rusev got introduced to his aged crony Roman Reigns again, and forsaken a championship to him during Hell in a Cell 2016. Rusev did zero of note after that reign, removing put in a foolish evidence with Enzo Amore. He eventually went off TV to helper an injury.

Rusev as champion with manager, and real-life associate Lana.
Rusev as champion, with manager and real-life associate Lana.

He returned on Smackdown around video segments, where he demanded a WWE Championship compare on his return. That ask was never granted. His lapse happened opposite John Cena during Battleground in a dwindle match, that he apparently mislaid to ‘Big Match John’. After a 10 second detriment to Randy Orton during Summerslam, Rusev looked to be passed in a water.

Rusev, in this adversary opposite Orton, got a new fan in a form of Aiden English, and ever given that, Rusev has been one of a many over guys in a company. His ‘Rusev Day’ gimmick has garnered a lot of traction and Rusev is one of a many unchanging sell sellers in WWE. His Rusev Day calendars and shirts are roughly frequently sole out on WWE Shop, and this direct led to him being extrinsic late into a US Championship compare during WrestleMania. However, he took a pinfall in a match.

This essay has left live on Rusev Day!
This essay has left live on Rusev Day!

So since is Rusev had such a vibrated WWE career, and should WWE pull him now for his Rusev Day gimmick? The answer is approbation and no.

Rusev might be one of a many interesting characters, and he really deserves a most some-more distinguished mark than a one that he had currently, yet how distant adult a label can we put him? Can we believably have him in a categorical eventuality with a likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe? All are chosen workers and stable characters. Even during a tip of a midcard, we have a perennially-over Jeff Hardy and newly-promoted Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, whose NXT run in late 2017 and early 2018 could be argued to be one of a best in association history. Along with that, Rusev is fighting off foe from a repackaged Big Cass, whose promo on Smackdown Live has revitalised seductiveness in him. Can we put Rusev Day on tip of this list?

Even if Rusev deserves a push, he needs go by a rebuilding phase, given his impression is flaky during best. He (in kayfabe terms) is not a unchanging performer anymore, given he loses matches. WWE has given him 50-50 engagement that has been unwell him. Ideally, he goes on a tab group run with Aiden English, yet with The Bludgeon Brothers during a tip of a card, how do they turn a subsequent large team? Even as a singles wrestler, how accurately can we make him a undefeated beast again?

Can and should he turn a star of SamckDown Live?
Can and should he turn a star of Smackdown Live?

Even yet Rusev is one of a best characters WWE have stumbled upon, this author can’t see how to gain on his recognition detached from gripping him during a unchanging upper-midcard level. The Smackdown register is too installed to have Rusev power atop them as a bonafide categorical eventer. Of course, he is someone that can be container into that purpose with ease, yet can we suppose Rusev winning Samoa Joe? Do we see Rusev power above a likes of AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan? Should he even be forward of them on a card? That is a doubt that many people will have opposite opinions about, yet this author does not see that happening. WWE won’t do it, and there can be an evidence done that they shouldn’t do it.

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