What does a UFC do with Conor McGregor?

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Dana White won’t contend it, though he literally could not have created a improved book than this.

Nurmagomedov claims UFC lightweight belt

Capping off a surreal week in New York, Khabib Nurmagomedov dominated Al Iaquinta by 5 rounds Saturday night to turn UFC’s undisputed lightweight champion and strictly frame Conor McGregor of a title.

  • Conor posts $50K bail, expelled from custody

    UFC star Conor McGregor was expelled from control on $50,000 bail Friday. The decider released an sequence of insurance involving several of a fighters from Thursday’s dispute and systematic McGregor to stay divided from them.

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov, an undefeated lightweight from Russia, confronts one of Conor McGregor‘s teammates during a Brooklyn hotel final week.

    Two days later, an angry McGregor turns adult during Barclays Center with a organisation of Irish group and attacks a train that is transporting Nurmagomedov out of a arena. It formula in a transgression charge, that comes with a thespian view of a New York justice appearance.

    And now, Nurmagomedov (26-0) is a UFC’s undisputed lightweight champ, after entirely winning Al Iaquinta during UFC 223 on Saturday. His pretension power began during a accurate impulse McGregor’s ended, as a UFC had to frame McGregor of his belt to climax Nurmagomedov.

    A quarrel between them would be a tellurian eventuality after what happened final week — that explains because many suspicion a UFC contingency have staged a whole thing.

    For a record, it’s protected to put that swindling to bed. If any partial of this conflict was “staged,” it was by McGregor. The UFC was held off ensure — and White’s initial greeting of snub was genuine.

    Still, how a UFC handles it from here will be interesting. Maybe this is, as White called it, “the many outrageous thing that has ever happened” in a UFC, though that doesn’t change that it’s also a seed in a belligerent for a intensity income tree.

    No one stands to distinction some-more from a selling of McGregor’s attempt than a UFC, though a graduation is also underneath a many vigour to levy a genuine punishment.

    Of course, a state of New York will have a contend — though McGregor has no before record, and a infancy opinion of authorised experts is he will equivocate a transgression self-assurance and jail time. If that’s a case, it’s also doubtful this would impact his ability to obtain a permit from state jaunty commissions.

    That would leave a UFC to move a produce down, that doesn’t seem likely, either. It’s positively not going to cut McGregor over this, and there’s not most of a story of a graduation suspending a possess talent. As abominable as McGregor’s actions were, it’s still probable he could quarrel this year.

    What a UFC competence wish to consider, however, is that condoning McGregor’s actions competence be a same as enlivening them during this point.

    It’s been McGregor’s inlet to pull a line until it pushes back. In new years, that hasn’t happened. He has fast thrown full cans of appetite splash into a throng of bystanders and physically struck an central during a European MMA show.

    Last week, he threw a barrow by a window of a train full of people — and it competence outcome in a absolute selling apparatus to sell his subsequent fight.

    How will McGregor lift that bar a subsequent time?

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