Wearing his Ryder Cup pants, Patrick Reed soars into US Open contention

ERIN, Wis. – Patrick Reed’s scripting so distant during this 117th U.S. Open has been really patriotic. Red, white and blue apparel. Red and white shoes. White belt, and USA-themed golf bag and headcovers.

But on Saturday during Erin Hills, Reed took it to another level, violation out an ol’ classical – his pants from a 2016 Ryder Cup.

“I’ve ragged them a lot around a residence and things like that, and practice,” pronounced Reed, who went 3-1-1 to lead Team USA to feat final tumble during Hazeltine. “But yeah, it was a initial time popping them behind out in play. They felt good.”

Of course, Reed also brought his Ryder Cup diversion to Erin Hills on Saturday. He shot 7-under 65 with 8 birdies to soar to 8 under. A day after distinguished 33 putts, Reed had 10 fewer in Round 3. He left himself next a hole several times, and it paid off, permitting Reed to be some-more assertive and hole putts.

Patrick Reed wore his 2016 Ryder Cup pants on Saturday of a 2017 U.S. Open. Getty Images)

Reed’s aggressiveness has authorised him to develop in group events. He won dual NCAA Championships while during Augusta State, and in usually dual Ryder Cups has turn one of his country’s most-feared competitors.

He usually hasn’t translated that to success in majors. In 13 prior starts, Reed has no tip 10s.

“You always can take that glow from Ryder Cup and use it in other events. But you’re articulate frigid opposites. You’re articulate one-on-one foe opposite 155,” Reed explained. “And since of that we can go out and play some good golf, yet we have a garland of guys out there that can play some good golf, as well.

“I consider a biggest thing is not removing forward of yourself. Every time I’ve been in majors so far, my initial dual years, I’ve put so most importance on them and attempted so tough during them that we kind of got in my way.”

Reed, in his words, was vital and failing by each golf shot. Now, with a assistance of his wife, Justine, Reed has schooled to take a good with a bad. This deteriorate hasn’t been his best from a formula standpoint, yet nonetheless here “Captain America” is with a possibility to not usually measure his initial tip 10 in a vital yet also his initial victory.

“At a finish of a day, if we go out and play a best we can and am happy with how we play, a formula will take caring of itself,” Reed said. “And that’s a kind of mindset we am going into tomorrow.”

As for a pants, Reed says he wears whatever Justine tells him to. “You know, happy wife, happy life,” Reed said.

Keep this in mind, yet – Reed has 4 pairs of those blue Ryder Cup pants. So chances are Justine will lay out another span for Reed’s final turn on Sunday.

It’ll usually be adult to him to move that Ryder Cup game.

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